Rhetoric Stage

Arma Dei Academy Rhetoric High School Planning to open Fall 2021

Arma Dei School of Rhetoric

Arma Dei Academy School of Rhetoric is a Christ-centered, academically vigorous college preparatory program. All students engage in a comprehensive core of classes, grades 9-12, that integrate the study of the seven liberal arts; known as the trivium and the quadrivium. They participate in the Great Conversation, reading and discussing ideas from the literature, philosophy and history of Western Civilization from the ancient world to the twentieth century.

In grades 9-12, classical Rhetoric is emphasized as the fundamental skill of speaking and writing well. It is taught, practiced, and refined throughout every subject and class including science, mathematics, theology, languages, and the humanities. Building on the foundation of grammar and logical reasoning, rhetoric is the skill of finding the best available means of persuasion in order to lead others into what is true, good, and beautiful. The culmination of an Arma Dei School of Rhetoric education is a senior thesis presentation and a capstone trip.

Students in the school of rhetoric are taught according to a purposefully designed curriculum by passionate, highly trained teachers. They are prepared for a lifetime of learning, creating culture and serving God’s kingdom.

School of Rhetoric Distinctives​

  • Christ-Centered
  • Classical in Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • Cultivation of Character with Wisdom and Virtue     
  • Community of like-minded Christian families
  • Culture-Creators

Portrait of a Graduate

Arma Dei Academy intentionally nurtures a graduate who seeks Christ in all human endeavors supported by a comprehensive biblical worldview; lives the character of Christ with wisdom, virtue, and compassion; graduates college ready with a strong foundation in the classical liberal arts; contributes joyfully to authentic Christian community; and creates culture as a beacon of Christ’s love in society through an intentional calling while countering the culture at large when needed, intelligently and with conviction.

For more information, please send inquiries to Lora Bowman, Admissions Director.

It is no wisdom to make boys (and girls) prodigies of information; but it is our wisdom and our duty to cultivate their faculties each in its season, first the memory and imagination, and then the judgment; to finish them with the means, and to excite the desire, of improving themselves, and to wait with confidence for God’s blessing on the result.  –  Thomas Arnold (1795-1842)