Students in fifth grade at Arma Dei Academy continue a chronological study of history and Bible focusing on European explorers and early America through the Civil War. Great works of literature that integrate with the historical time period are read, discussed, and analyzed. Grammar and writing skills are sharpened and enhanced through direct instruction and an ongoing instruction in the fourteen steps of the Progymnasmata.



Bible Gospels (Veritas Press)

  • Birth & Ministry of John the Baptist
  • Birth of Jesus
  • Ministry of Jesus
  • Miracles and Parables
  • Death, Crucifixion and Resurrection
  • Great Commission
  • Each subject is taught from a biblical perspective at Arma Dei Academy. While each day opens with prayer and a formal study of scripture, biblical discussion is not limited to a particular class period. Scripture memory is an integral component of the curriculum.



      American History; Explorers-Civil War

    • Exploring the Americas
    • Colonial America
    • Creating a Nation
    • Declaration of Independence
    • Launching the Republic
    • Nationalism/Sectionalism
    • Civil War and Reconstruction
    • Students participate in a Discovery Interact Simulation. Colonial groups select cargo and sail to the new world where they encounter the hardships and decisions that faced many of the colonial settlers.

      Fifth grade students will present a a colonial celebration “A Day at the Museum."

      Geography is integrated throughout Bible, history, and literature.



      • Voyage to Freedom by David (Gay)
      • Witch of Blackbird Pond (Speare)
      • Guns of Thunder (Bond)
      • Sign of the Beaver (Speare)
      • Calico Captive (Speare
      • Sign of the Beaver (Speare)
      • Johnny Tremain (Forbes)
      • Carry on Mr. Bowditch (Latham)
      • Salt (Frost)
      • Across Five Aprils (Hunt)
      • Fifth grade students at Arma Dei regularly engage with poetry through corporate reading, discussion, and memorization. Poems include, but are not limited to:

      • Eldorado (Poe)
      • Columbus (Miller)
      • Paul Revere’s Ride (Longfellow)
      • Independence Bell (Anonymous)
        • Grammar


          Shurley English Made Easy

          Students master five sentence patterns as well as sharpen editing skills, subject/verb agreement, and tense consistency.



            Latin for Children B (Classical Academic Press)

            Libellus de Historia: Latin History Reader (Moore)



              Wordly Wise 3000 Level 5


                Students continue to develop beautiful penmanship through the practice and application of cursive handwriting.



                  Students learn how to use words to engage the imagination of the audience and continue to improve written communication skills by employing the following techniques of the Progymnasmata.

                • Fable
                • Narrative
                • Description
                • Chreia and Proverb
                  • Math


                    Math in Focus: A Singapore Approach



                      An introduction to Logic begins in fifth grade with Red Herring Mysteries, Quizzles Logic Puzzles, Riddles, and Brain Teasers.



                        Matter: Its Properties & Its Changes (Master Books), Energy: Its Forms, Changes, and Functions (Master Books)

                      • Scientific method taught and applied during labs
                      • Engineering design process of projects
                      • Labs and engineering projects correlate with curriculum and provide hands-on learning of specific content
                        • Art


                        • Elements of art
                        • Review color theory
                        • Practice guided drawing and painting techniques
                        • Draw and paint artists from the Colonial Period.
                        • Recreate simple pieces of art form the Colonial Period
                          • Music


                            God Made Music 5

                          • Writing lyrics
                          • Periods of music
                          • Introduction to opera
                          • Composition of original melody
                          • Three-part harmony and descant
                          • Choral excellence and vocal precision
                          • Expanded orchestra instrument knowledge
                          • Composer study with song and listening samples
                          • Music of the studied historical period
                            • Physical Education

                              Physical Education

                              Introduces students to fitness through exploration and participation in team and individual sports.