First Grade

First grade students at Arma Dei Academy strengthen phonics, spelling, and reading skills through an in-depth program producing strong readers. Students learn about early American history and specifically Colorado state history concentrating on a geographic study of both. Students continue their study of Math in Focus: A Singapore Approach coupled with Classical Math review. Students mature in their cursive penmanship expertise and are introduced to English grammar.


New Testament (ESV), The Child's Study Bible

  • Birth of Jesus
  • Miracles & Parables
  • Death, Crucifixion, & Resurrection
  • Growth of the Early Church
  • Coming of the Holy Spirit
  • First Graders are introduced to a survey of the New Testament, and each academic subject is taught from a biblical perspective. While each day opens with prayer and a formal study of scripture, biblical discussion is not limited to a particular class period. Scripture memory is a critical component of the curriculum. The English Standard Version of the Bible is used for memory work; readings come from The Child’s Study Bible.



      Overview of Early American History, Introduction to Colorado state history

    • Columbus
    • Pilgrims/Plymouth
    • Squanto
    • Pocahontas
    • George Washington
    • Paul Revere
    • Abraham Lincoln
    • Civil War
    • George Washington Carver
    • Buffalo Bill
    • Daniel Boone
    • Betsy Ross
    • Molly Brown
    • Geography: Our American Heritage

    • Maps and Geography of America & Colorado
    • The First Grade presents an Early American History Festival in November.



        Reading and Phonics Instruction

      • Elson Reader Book 1 (Lost Classics Book Company)
      • Miss Rumphius
      • Animal Folk Tales from America
      • The Courage of Sarah Noble
      • Prairie School
      • Little House in the Big Woods
      • Tale of Tom Kitten
      • Billy and Blaze
      • Billy and Blaze Forest Fire
      • Story about Ping
      • Keep the Lights Burning Abby
      • Stone Soup
      • The Little House
      • Tale of Town Mouse
      • Benjamin Bunny
      • Peter Rabbit
      • Lexi’s Hope
      • Treasures in the Snow
      • Little House on the Prairie
        • Grammar


          Shurley English Made Easy

        • Parts of speech & punctuation
        • Classification of pattern one sentence
        • Three sentence paragraphs
        • Songs and Jingles

        • States and Capitals Songs
        • Presidential Sound Off
        • Books of the Bible
        • The Beatitudes
        • Shurley English Grammar Jingles
          • Reading and Phonics

            Reading and Phonics Instruction

            Reading Mastery (SRA), a direct instruction program

          • Elson Reader Book 1 (Lost Classics Book Company)
          • Miss Rumphius
          • Tales From Beatrix Potter
          • Animal Folk Tales from America
          • The Courage of Sarah Noble/li>

            Skills Emphasis

          • Word decoding
          • Phonemic awareness
          • Phonics review
          • Comprehension
          • Expression
          • Reading fluency
            • Spelling


            • Prefixes and Suffixes
            • Short vowel sounds
            • Plurals
            • Consonant digraphs
            • Controlled vowel sounds
            • Homographs
            • Long vowel sounds
            • Contractions
            • Vowel digraphs
              • Penmanship


                Students develop beautiful penmanship through the practice of cursive handwriting



                • Math in Focus: A Singapore Approach
                • Classical Math 2
                  • Science


                    Students learn about God’s creation: vertebrates, invertebrates, plant life, and the human body. First grade students also spend time each semester participating in STEM activities in the science lab.



                      God Made Music 1

                    • Introduction to music notation
                    • Grand staff
                    • Patriotic songs
                    • Treble and bass clef signs
                    • Major/Minor chord Identification
                    • Half rest/whole rest/eighth note/two-eighth note
                    • Music and composing of early American history and Colorado folk songs
                      • Art


                      • Basic elements of art
                      • Color theory
                      • Beginning guided drawing and painting
                      • Draw and paint artists from early American history