February at Arma Dei Academy

As third quarter ends on March 6, Arma Dei Academy students remain hard at work on many projects. Just to touch on a few levels, Kindergarten and First Grade continue to make great strides in mathematics and phonics, adding and subtracting double digits, and making cursive penmanship progress.

<br>Third grade has been reconstructing Rome! Studies surrounding the ancient city motivated students to build and learn about many of the key structures including the Coliseum, aqueducts, temples, and Roman baths.

<br>Fifth Grade students’ accomplishments include an explication of the United States Declaration of Independence in which students debated and prioritized key ideas developed in this most famous document.

<br>Logic level students completed an eight week research paper project, culminating in a thesis-developed final submission, along with formal presentations.

<br>In math and science, students have penned the constitution of a square, studied the solar system, Halogens and Noble Gases, and the lithosphere using the imperial chocolate chip to simulate the rock cycle.

All in all, great learning was enjoyed at Arma Dei Academy!