Physical Education

Grades 6 - 8

We are in the football portion of PE.

In 6th-8th, we have been delving a little deeper into football patterns and terminology so that they would be able to follow the game as a spectator with family and/or friends. They have also been exposed to the various aspects of the game from how to cover a receiver on defense, to how to run SPECIFIC pass routes; i.e., post, flag, corner, fade and hitch. We always close the class with scripture and a shout out session where they acknowledge the actions of fellow classmates and then we take a knee and pray to The Lord in closing.

Taught by Coach Abel Caceres

Grades 4 - 5

In 4th-5th, we have been learning how to pass and catch the football safely and correctly through drills and exercises designed to do just that. Then, they have been assigned to co-ed teams and given a chance to practice what they have learned in playing football in games where ALL participate.

Taught by Coach Abel Caceres

Grades 1 - 3 Movement Classes

Taught by Mrs. Shawn Walker