King Soopers & Safeway Cards

We have Arma Dei Academy King Soopers and Safeway Reloadable gift cards available for purchase. These cards are part of our Arma Dei Scrip Program and earn rebates as well. These are permanent cards and must be reloaded at the store to earn rebates for your family.

King Sooper and Safeway cards are typically available within 2-3 days of placing your order and may also be picked up at the front desk. Please send an email to to place your King Sooper and Safeway card orders. These are the only cards that you will order through your Scrip Coordinator. Each of these cards come pre-loaded with a $5 balance and subsequent reloads are processed at each respective store.

SCRIP Program

How to enroll:

Sign Scrip Program Enrollment & Rebate Distribution Form and return to Arma Dei receptionist, this is the first step.

Then Register for the program:

  • 1. Set up your account at and click “register” at the top of the page, click “join a scrip program.” Please send email to: to request our schools enrollment code.
  • 2. Enroll in Presto Pay, it is the required payment method for orders, this is a secure electronic funds transfer system.
  • You will need your checking account number

    You will need your bank routing number

    Log on to your shopwithscrip account

    Click on “dashboard”

    Click on “family functions”

    Click on “presto pay” and enter your banking information

    You will receive an approval code via email from the GL Scrip center that will need to be shared with your scrip coordinator and your account will then be activated.

    PickUp Waiver – Designate someone other than yourself to pick up scrip orders.

    Scrip Program Policies – Read Program details, rules, responsibilities.

    Contact for questions

    Scrip Coordinator: Cindy Caceres