Why iPads in the Logic Level Classrooms?

Logic level learning at Arma Dei Academy attempts to utilize the best of all human history in helping students learn and practice the creative arts and literature, religion, philosophy, the natural, applied and social sciences. We aim to involve students in close examination and thoughtful dialogue of great works utilizing the beneficial aspects of technological advancements.

Just as the codex and printed page replaced the scroll of long ago, the typewriter, computer, iPad, and smart phone are similar tools. It is the message communicated through the medium that remains vital.

Thus, a classroom set of iPads at the logic level will enhance student learning. Whether it be interpreting and displaying results from a complex science experiment, shooting a video depicting recently read literature, composing a research paper on the intricacies of the hieroglyphs, developing an iBook to illustrate a Old Testament patriarch, or researching to solve a current environmental problem, the iPads can augment learning.

A classroom set of 16 iPads will be securely stored, numbered, and assigned to specific students at the logic level. LightSpeed regularly filters and monitors all iPads. iPads will not travel to and from the school, but any work accomplished at school will be uploaded so that progress can continue at home.

Part Socrates and part Thomas Edison, Arma Dei Academy logic level learning involves the timely use of contemporary technologies to facilitate explorations of timeless great works in intellectual and spiritual conversation that span thousands of years.