Tolle Lege Reading Challenge

“Take Up and Read”

St. Augustine (354-430 AD) was one of the great figures of the early Church. The story of his conversion is told in his Confessions, in which he describes how God used a single verse from the epistle to the Romans to suddenly convert him.

While bitterly wrestling with his sin and questions about God, Augustine heard neighboring children chanting, “Tolle lege, tolle lege” or “Take up and read, take up and read.” Augustine took these words as a command from God to take up his Bible and read. After reading Romans 13:13-14, Augustine gave his life to Christ.

Just as Augustine’s life was changed by reading God’s word, we too can be changed by the inspired word of God. Students at Arma Dei Academy are immersed in scripture and quality literature every day. In honor of Augustine and the power of the written word, students in Kindergarten through 5th grade will participate in Arma Dei Academy’s Tolle Lege Reading Challenge each weekend in February. Stay tuned for details!

Quid (What): Latin for “take up and read,” Tolle Lege is Arma Dei Academy’s February weekend reading challenge.

Qui (Who): Individual students and classes, grades K through five, compete to read the most minutes.

Cum (When): Every weekend in February. February 3-5, February 10-12, February 17-19, February 24-26, and February 26-28.

Quare (Why): To develop life-long readers by immersing students and families in quality literature.

Ubi (Where): Snuggled up by the fire, in bed, in the car, at the library…the venues are endless!

Quam (How): Students read as much as they can Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of each week and log their minutes on the attached form. Forms must be signed and turned in by 8:15 Monday morning to the teacher of record in order for the minutes to be counted toward the class total. (Family reading counts too!)

Traveling Trophy: The class who reads the most minutes over the weekend will be awarded the traveling trophy. The traveling trophy will be passed along the following Monday to the class who wins the Tolle Lege Minute Challenge for that weekend.

Individual Winners: Each week the students reading the greatest number of minutes in their grade level will be recognized and honored in the

Weekly Results

Week 1

Kindergarten AM 1,160 minutes

Kindergarten PM 723 minutes

1st Grade 2,038 minutes

2nd Grade 3,031 minutes

3rd Grade 2,967 minutes

4th Grade Schramm 2,111 minutes

4th Grade Owsley 1,640 minutes

5th Grade 1,415 minutes

Week 2

Kindergarten AM 1,571 minutes

Kindergarten PM 1,262 minutes

1st Grade 3,321minutes

2nd Grade 5,441 minutes

3rd Grade 4,900 minutes

4th Grade Schramm 3,417 minutes

4th Grade Owsley 2,964 minutes

5th Grade 5,515 minutes