Unique Approach To Education

Arma Dei Academy offers a unique approach to education designed to encourage children to love Christ and love learning. At the academy, the goal is to provide an excellent education founded upon a biblical worldview. A classical and Christian education is critical to building the kingdom of God and to developing a distinctly Christian culture within society.

This approach is uniquely:


In the process of educating and discipling students, Arma Dei Academy partners with parents by coming alongside them in this essential covenantal task.


Classical education follows the methodology of the trivium, training students in the grammar, logic, and rhetoric of each subject and teaching in a manner consistent with the appropriate stage of the child’s development. It seeks wisdom and virtue through the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty. Classical education emphasizes and seeks to preserve and pass to successive generations the richness of our western cultural heritage.

Arma Dei Academy seeks to view all learning through the lens of a biblical worldview striving to love and glorify God. Students learn God has given them heart, soul, mind, and strength; he has immutably created and he alone sustains them to reflect his image. All knowledge is made complete when seen and understood in relation to the eternal glory and purposes of the triune God. Each aspect of educational endeavor is founded upon and informed by a thoroughly biblical worldview.


The course of study at Arma Dei Academy is well-rounded, integrated, and vigorous. All subjects are taught as part of a unified, integrated whole that demonstrates God’s character and glory as revealed through creation, providence, and scripture. At Arma Dei Academy, education is: 1) both rich and rewarding for all students of average to above average academic ability 2) recognizes that all truth, goodness, and beauty are divine absolutes 3) designed to develop biblical wisdom and Christian virtue by equipping students to know, love, and apply these absolutes to the world around them.