Arma Dei Academy provides Friday afternoon PE classes for students, grades 4-8, and special movement classes for kindergarten through third grade.

Results from a 2016 survey conducted among 5th-8th grade students found that 94% of the 33 students surveyed participate in community or club sports for an average of three seasons per year in 2.9 different sports and have done so for 2.53 years.

This verifies that students and families seek out community and club sports opportunities regularly. It allows Arma Dei to continue to concentrate on what we do best (biblical worldview, academics, cultivating the affections of the heart, etc.) with the satisfaction of knowing students participate in community sports. It provides opportunity for salt and light interactions, etc.


Volleyball is taught by JumpStart Volleyball

Ages 3rd Grade – 8th Grade

Click here to register or for more information http://www.jumpstartvba.com/home