At Arma Dei Academy, our goal is to provide an excellent classical Christian education founded upon a biblical worldview. We thank you for your interest in Arma Dei Academy and invite you to explore this website as you consider your child’s PK – 12 educational options. 

It is our prayer that you will find our vision compelling and give us an opportunity to partner with you in educating  your children to the glory of God. We would be honored to assist you during the Admissions process to help you determine if Arma Dei Academy is the best school for your family. We look forward to helping you explore the benefits of a classical Christian education!

Arma Dei Academy admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.

Seven Questions for Families

Finding a school where your child can flourish can seem impossible. We all want an environment where our children are known by their teachers as individual learners and are supported by a community of like-minded families, who hold the same hopes for an upcoming generation – one that is marked equally by their intellect and ability and their wisdom and virtue.

Our families value our commitment to Christ in all that we do. Children memorize entire chapters of scripture regularly and are taught to live according to them. We often hear the story of parents who are pulled aside by their children’s Sunday school teachers and asked how these children know so much. We pray and work so they will translate what they learn here into a life of service to Christ. If you share these values, you probably will fit well at Arma Dei Academy.

Our standards within the school are loving and structured. We believe all children are created in the image of God and we deeply respect the uniqueness of their personalities. All children are prone to misbehavior on occasion, so we don’t expect your kids to be perfect (or even close). We do expect parents to support our teachers and administration as we lovingly but firmly discipline children who are acting out. If you value a partnership with a school that will uphold high standards, you will do well at Arma Dei.

Our school is generally recognized in the community for the academic standards we uphold. This comes with a standard of work that requires a little more of both parents and students. Parents are often called upon to be actively involved with their young children as they do homework. Many parents find that by the 4th or 5th grade, the Latin, history, and other subjects exceed their ability to help. However, parents still remain actively involved to ensure they are diligently working to prevent frustration from poor study habits. While some families may find it difficult to trade-off some recreational or entertainment time to focus on academics, our graduates commonly thank us for their training.

Some misunderstand our work ethic. We do not desire or expect children to work excessively. Certainly, children need time to play. For this reason, we restrict the amount of homework allowed each week.

For those who wonder why we have higher expectations: Hundreds of families have found that their children thrive in our environment because they enjoy being challenged. What expectations characterize your family? If you are serious about finding an educational partner with you in preparing your child for life, we invite you to visit and see what’s possible.

Some families want a mainstream education like they had. If you were satisfied with your education (assuming you were educated in a mainstream public or private school) and don’t see any reason to want more, then you probably won’t find our form of education appealing. From our uniforms to our study of the great books to our emphasis on writing, we are different than most schools.

Often, the people who most identify with classical Christian education are those who went to school in the eastern or southern United States, Europe, or any of the British or French commonwealths. A vestige of classical education remains in most of these areas, particularly in the preparatory schools. Because classical Christian education takes time to appreciate, those with a background in traditional Western education more quickly identify with the advantages gained in what has been called a “Western liberal arts” education.

If you are attracted to education that reaches beyond training to enrich the minds and the spirits of students as they learn to love learning, then you should consider our school.

The most consistent success factor for children at Arma Dei is the learning environment at home. Families who read and love to learn send children to our school because they want the world of language, books, history, science, and math to be an integrated whole. They want their children to use their love of knowledge to explore and seek truth. Families that do not have many books in their home and that rarely visit a library or bookstore probably will not find our value compelling.

Having said this, many families discover the world of literature and information through their children’s experience at our school. If you would like to develop a love of books, knowledge, and learning in your home, Arma Dei can provide a great start.

Arma Dei Academy takes a measured approach to the usage of technology in the classroom and believe that students need skills more foundational than those acquired by technology alone.

Technology is one of many tools and we are careful in the tools we use as they have the ability to make and shape us.

The Washington Post cited a recent study that found, “the more children use computers at school, the more their reading abilities seem to suffer.”

Technology is strong in handling data and locating, accessing, relaying, processing, and handling certain types of communication. Technology is not good for encouraging contemplation and reflection, socialization, or identifying and valuing truth, goodness and beauty – all things Arma Dei desires to cultivate in our students.

​Arma Dei Academy is a community of believing parents and teachers sharing a commitment for teaching students to love learning and grow in godliness.

Education at Arma Dei Academy is a family affair and takes a generational approach. At Arma Dei we act and operate under the principle of “in loco parentis” – a Latin phrase that means “in the place of a parent.” Parents have God-mandated authority over their children; we partner with your family to educate your children but do not usurp your authority or responsibilities as a parent.

Kindergarten - Ninth Grade Application

Step 1: Before You Apply – Attend Open House

Attend An Open House

The first step towards ensuring the best fit possible for the academy, student and family, is to understand the distinctives of classical Christian education. To begin the admissions process, parents must attend an informational Open House, whereby you will experience first-hand the educational environment and discover the nurturing, Christ-centered culture at Arma Dei Academy. You will have an opportunity to observe classes, experience the joyful environment of our school, browse through curriculum, speak with teachers and administrators, and ask questions of current parents to assist you in determining how Arma Dei Academy might be a good fit for your family. You can register to attend an Open House by clicking HERE.

Information and Resources:

In addition to attending an Open House, we encourage prospective families to learn more about classical Christian education through our website and the following. 

Our Admissions office is here to serve you during this process, so please do not hesitate to call (303)346-4523 or email with your questions.

Step 2: Start Applying – Submit Online Application

Apply Online

For families who reach a decision to pursue a classical Christian education at Arma Dei Academy, the next step on your journey is to apply! Our Admissions office is here to serve you during this process, so please do not hesitate to call or email with your questions.

For each student, please complete the online application.

Step 3: References


3.a Spiritual Letter of Reference (Family)* from a pastor or another leader at your church. As we seek to grow our community with like-minded families (please reference our Statement of Faith) the letter should be a testament to a family’s Christian beliefs and practices within their church and community.

3.b Spiritual and Character Letter of Reference (Applicant)* (grades 5 – 9) from a Christian adult (non-family member) who knows the student’s character well and can attest to their Christian beliefs (e.g. youth pastor/leader, coach, mentor).

3.c Academic Reference(s) from applicant’s current teacher(s). For reference, the below Teacher Recommendation Forms will be emailed directly to the teacher(s) specified when submitting the online application. Students applying for grades 6 – 9 will be required to have two Academic References; one from a Language Arts teacher and one from a Math teacher.

Grades K & 1 Teacher Recommendation Form 
Grades 2 – 5 Teacher Recommendation Form 
Grades 6 – 9 Language Arts Teacher Recommendation Form 
Grade 6 – 9 Math Teacher Recommendation Form 
Grade 9 Administrator Recommendation Form

* All letters must be emailed by the referring party directly to the Admissions Director at

Step 4: Student Records

Request for Copies of Records

If your child is currently attending another school, please forward the Request for Copies of Records to your child’s current school registrar.

Step 5: Student Testing

Student Assessment & Application Fee

To be considered for admission, all students are assessed through an independent company, Education Records Bureau. Entrance exams are administered on-site at Arma Dei Academy and can take one to three hours, depending on the grade level. To learn more about the individual test your student would take, please reference the “What to Expect” guides below.

Please either drop off or mail a check for the non-refundable $150 Application Fee.

Step 6: 5th - 9th Applicants Only

5th thru 9th Grade Applicants

6.a All students will need to complete a Student Questionnaire that can be scanned and emailed to, or dropped off or mailed to the academy.

Grades 5-8 Student Questionnaire
Grade 9 Student Questionnaire

6.b Student Visit Day – All 5th – 9th grade applicants will have the opportunity for a “Student Visit”, whereby they can experience Arma Dei Academy first-hand during a full day of classes.

Step 7: Family Interview

Family Interview

After all prior steps in the Admissions process have been completed, you will hear from our Admissions office to schedule an interview with your family (parents and student applicants must both attend). The 1-hour interview allows the parents to get to know Arma Dei Academy more intimately and helps us to ascertain your family’s alignment with our core mission, vision, and values.

Prior to the family interview, parents must read the following:
Understanding the Classical & Christian Difference and The Parent’s Guide to Classical Education on the Arma Dei Academy website
An Introduction to Classical Education by Dr. Christopher Perrin
Arma Dei Academy Parent-Student Handbook

Step 8: Notification of Acceptance

Notification of Acceptance

Following notification of acceptance from the Admissions Director, an Enrollment Agreement will be sent via email.

The applicant’s family will have 7 days to return the signed Enrollment Agreement before that child’s seat is offered to other applicants.

Enrolled families must also enroll in FACTS, the third party used to manage all accounts receivables at Arma Dei Academy.

Please note there is a $50 processing fee charged by the third party FACTS.

Preschool Application

The Arma Dei preschool provides a high-quality early childhood experience for your child in a safe, nurturing, and engaging environment where children develop and grow using developmentally-appropriate curriculum. We strive to prepare your child for the more formal learning environment they will encounter in Kindergarten. Additionally, our preschool program prepares students for the classical model of education by encouraging memorization through song and poetry, hands-on exploration, and exposure to rich literature that emphasizes God’s story. For more information about our preschool program, please click here

Parents First Impression of Arma Dei

"It was clear that what was going on here, was what we were looking for in a total package."
Nicole, Arma Dei Parent
"I toured the school, looked in the eyes of the teachers, I saw joy in the kids, and I just knew this was it. I have never looked back since we made the decision to come to Arma Dei."
Tatum, Arma Dei Parent