Art, Drama, and Music

Observe, Interpret and Express Life through Music

Creativity and art are both components of the comprehensive and classical Christian education at Arma Dei Academy. From kindergarten through eighth grade, students have the opportunity to explore instruments, song, and performing arts as they learn to glorify God in all things.

Recitation & Art Showcase

Students in each grade will share samples of what they have been learning. You will not want to miss this journey back in time to Ancient Egypt, Greece & Rome, the Middle Ages, and early America.

Recitation: What is it and why do we do it?

Arma Dei Academy will host a recitation where students in each grade share small samples of what they’ve been learning. Recitations will last approximately 60 minutes. We invite you to stay for the entire event as it’s important for our students to have a community of listeners.

Reciting knowledge is an important skill. It requires different mental faculties from writing or reading, typical ways of evaluating learning in the 21st century. A memorized and recited piece is more easily “accessed” in the student’s mind than, for example, a string of words encountered in a novel. And learning to speak a poem or a jingle — with clarity and expression — is a foundational skill for all public speaking, useful for the student’s entire life.

Grammar Chorale

Grammar Chorale is for students in kindergarten through fourth grade. They meet every Thursday from October – December, and January – April for one hour after school. They perform in the Veterans Appreciation Chapel, Christmas Chapel, and Easter Chapel.