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Arma Dei Academy takes the safety of our students, staff, parents and community members seriously.

How the school closure decision is made

Beginning early in the morning we have several staff members relay the conditions they see across the county and at our schools. If conditions are extremely treacherous or the forecast indicates that they may become too dangerous the team makes a recommendation for a closure.

If school remains open

During Colorado winters, snow and ice are to be expected. We encourage everyone to drive extremely cautiously and not worry about arriving late. As always, we respect a parent’s decision to keep their students home.

Where are closures and delays posted?

In the event of a closure or delay, the information will be immediately posted on the Arma Dei website and Facebook page & group. Local news stations will be notified and an emergency text alert will be sent.

Uniforms at Arma Dei Academy

Arma Dei Academy requires that each student wear a school-approved uniform to enhance the atmosphere of learning, minimize ambiguities, and foster a spirit of camaraderie among the student body. The student is identified with a group that strives for excellence and the policy is established toward that end.

Parents should be sure that from head-­to-­toe, each of their children is an excellent representative of Arma Dei Academy. We request that students arrive at school with their uniforms in neat, clean, and good condition.

Arma Dei Academy also maintains a ‘Uniform Closet’ where parents may recycle and/or pick up gently worn uniform items.

Download 2019-2020 Uniform Guide (.pdf) 

Order from Dennis
Items required from Dennis:

– Chapel Plaid skirts/ties
– Navy sweater vests
– PE shorts (PE shirts are ordered through Logo Wear)
Ways to shop at Dennis – School Shopping Guide

Dennis Uniform
8600 Park Meadows Dr.
Lone Tree, CO 80124

Order Logo Wear
Items required from logo wear:
Navy polo
P.E. shirt

Morning Drop Off
7:55am – 8:10am

Morning Start Time

Afternoon Pick Up
Kdg – 4th Grade 3:30pm
5th – 8th 3:25pm

Kindergarten Hours
8:15am – 12:10am

Kindergarten Enrichment
11:30pm– 3:30pm

1st – 4th Grade Hours
8:15pm – 3:30pm

5th – 8th Grade Hours
8:15am – 3:25pm

Kdg – 2nd Grade 11:25am – 12:05pm
3rd – 4th Grade 11:50pm – 12:30pm
5th – 8th Grade 12:05pm – 12:40pm

Order by June 10 for the BEST pricing and FREE shipping, your kit will be delivered to Arma Dei and be waiting for you at Meet Your Teacher Day on August 16.

Extended ordering is available from June 11 – July 26 for an additional fee and will be delivered to your home shortly before school begins. Please contact Danielle Pereira with any questions.

A Helix geometry set for grades 7 & 8 is needed in addition to the EduKit. If you have this from your third-grade year, you do not need to purchase a new one.

Order from EduKit 

Download Supply Lists for All Grades 

Parent Education

Learn why parents like you are pursuing a classical Christian education for their children and how this is transforming students into future leaders

The mission of ACCS is to promote, establish and equip schools committed to a classical approach to education with a Biblically-based Christian worldview.

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Parent Articles in the Arma Dei Blog

How to Stick Your Tongue Out at Suffering By Dr. Aaron Denlinger

Suffering is part of life in a sinful and fallen world. We instinctively try to shield ourselves, our children, and other loved ones from hardship and difficulty. But we never fully succeed in such efforts. And, in our more lucid moments, we perhaps even realize that suffering, in God’s providence, serves a redemptive purpose, conforming us to the image of Christ (Romans 3:3-5), who himself endured ultimate suffering with joy because he knew his suffering…

Life Outcomes of Classical Christian Education Graduates

Good Soil - A Comparative Review At Arma Dei Academy we aim to graduate students who think clearly and listen carefully with discernment and understanding; who reason persuasively and articulate precisely; who are capable of evaluating their entire range of experience in light of the Scriptures; and who do so in joyful submission to God. Over the past eight years we have successfully prepared and launched graduates into their high school and college years, where…

Before You Give Moral Advice To Teenage Crowds: 7 Tips By Joshua Gibbs

“For a job, I talk to teenagers all day. I read to them, lecture them, ask them questions, listen to them talk. I stare into their faces all day and gauge their interest in what I am saying based on their eyes, their mouths, and their posture. I rarely gauge their interest based on what they say, for teenagers like talking to each other, but do not much like talking to adults (I know, your…

Kingdom Values Are Upside Down From The World’s Values By Principal Jen Wenger

Kingdom values are upside down from the world’s values is a statement that is often made by the pastor of our church. This has also become a mantra in the Wenger home. As believers, the Christmas season highlights this truth and the countercultural nature of our faith. While the world tells us our desires can be fulfilled by abundance, the Lord declares, “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God”…

Advent Chapel

Students and parents alike were blessed this morning with a lovely performance from our Teacher Chorale! Click on the link below to watch them sing "Snow"! ❄️🎄 Chapel also entailed a Scripture reading and lighting of the first two advent candles from our 5th Grade students and Dr. Aaron Denlinger, Dean of Student Culture shared how the love of God can be seen in the details of Christ's coming as we continue to focus on the…

Countercultural by Aaron Denlinger - Dean of Student Culture

The unique culture that exists at Arma Dei Academy is not, in fact, a product of any effort on our part to be countercultural per se. It is not, in other words, a product of persistent crankiness or contrariness in relation to present-day Western thought and practices. It is, rather, a product of persistent efforts on the part of Arma Dei’s faculty and staff to glorify God by providing an excellent classical Christian education founded…

Committed Community by Ally Tedrow – Sixth Grade Humanities Teacher

Faithfulness Ripens Well For the Sake of God’s Fame Sojourner Songs by Ben Palpant What broad sky! What big, blue tent! Is it not proof text? Morning majesties and milky way testify to God and explicate his divine craftsmanship in a universal lounge. Look at the sun, rising like an Olympian to swing across heaven’s cerulean hue for the sake of God’s name, for the sake of God’s fame, and to gladden every beating heart.…

Cultivation of Character by Dr. Kristen Ault – Second Grade Teacher

Character is the set of inward values that determine our outward actions. In modern culture, character is thought of as a binary concept: people either have strong character or weak character. Strong character is celebrated when an individual acts in accordance with what they believe is right or beneficial, and the opposite being true of those with weak character. Neither acknowledges one source of truth as the foundation by which the measures of “right” or…