8th-Grade Field Trip

8th-grade students traveled to iFly Denver in Lone Tree where they spent the morning learning about the physics of skydiving through demos in the wind tunnel and a lab activity. They then put their knowledge into practice with simulated skydives of true freefall conditions in an indoor vertical wind tunnel. Students concluded the day with a visit to Independence Aviation Flight School in Centennial where they toured an extensive fleet of Cirrus Aircraft and participated in exciting flight simulators.

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4th-Grade Field Trip

The 4th-grade students traveled to Colorado Adventure Point (CAP) in Lakewood for an opportunity to apply their scientific knowledge with some hands-on chemistry activities. They also learned the art of archery and enjoyed time building community with one another.

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6th-Grade Humanities

The Children's Homer by Padriac Column is an epic tale that includes two ancient Greek tales that shaped Greek culture, The Illiad and The Odyssey. Upon completion of reading the book, students were given a creative writing assignment. Odysseus's family was many miles away and he did not see them for over 20 years. If mail could have been delivered in the days of Ancient Greece, what would his family have written to each other? Students chose a character from Odysseus's family; Penelope, Odysseus, or Telemachus to write a letter to and from. Their letters were not only beautiful but they were abundantly creative!

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Logic P.E. Day

On December 17 our adventurous 5th - 8th graders headed south for the winter to the Castle Rock area. At the Edge Adventure's SkyTrek, students explored a 4-story-high ropes course and tested their skills against nearly 120 different obstacles, encouraging one another all the while! Students also enjoyed a hike through Castlewood Canyon where they were able to experience four different Colorado ecosystems. They passed through the valley that was once a reservoir for the Castlewood Canyon Dam, which flooded the city of Denver in 1933 when the dam failed.

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Why Arma Dei Students Are Grateful

During our Grateful for Growth campaign, we have shared how God has abundantly blessed Arma Dei Academy. Now, we want to let our students share why they are grateful for Arma Dei. Watch Video

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Grateful for Growth: Give toward Phase II Building Furnishing & Beautification

Watch Video From the time the founding families stepped out in faith to establish Arma Dei, God has abundantly blessed the Academy by providing the facilities needed to serve the educational growth of our community. As the Phase II expansion nears completion, there are many items needed before the doors open in the fall of 2021. During the Grateful for Growth campaign, you have the opportunity to partner with Arma Dei Academy by donating to the Phase II expansion project which will allow the school to purchase classroom equipment and furnishings to continue our mission of providing an excellent classical Christian…

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Americas Formative Years

A key component in Classical education is memorization and recitation. Students develop poise and grow in self-confidence through this methodology. Each year students are given the opportunity to present a drama of the historical period studied during the school year. Character transformation often takes place when children learn about real-life heroes who lived virtuous lives. Our senses are the gateway to our memory, and the festival is an opportunity to bring history and character development to life for our students. Today first-grade students served as guides on a trip back in time to the beginning of our great country. Through songs,…

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