Celebrating 10 Years

https://vimeo.com/645315097/90fdc03092 Dear Arma Dei Families and Friends,Sitting around a dining room table in the Spring of 2012, the founding families of Arma Dei Academy took a leap of faith and penned the following words. Our mission is to glorify God by providing an excellent classical Christian education founded upon a biblical worldview which equips students to live purposefully and intelligently in service to God and others. At the time, they had no idea what putting their hands to the plough (Luke 9:62) would entail or the impact that decision would have on hundreds of students and families in the ensuing decade. We, the…

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Why Your Student Needs Latin

By Mr. Tyler Gregory, Grammar & Logic School Latin TeacherI get it. It’s a dead language. You can’t speak it with anyone in the world. There’s too much to memorize. It won’t matter on your resume. So why do classical educators still insist on teaching Latin?  It’s hard to detect, but there’s a subtle assumption behind these kinds of criticisms. It goes like this: education is just a means to some financial end. Latin clearly does not achieve that end. Therefore, Latin is – to put it bluntly – “useless.” But this reasoning is troubling. It conceals a modern priority that…

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Mountaineering Day

On this year’s Mountaineering Day, our 6th-9th graders, along with teachers and parent chaperones, embraced a full day of hiking in the Rocky Mountains. This PE Day included a 13’r and three 14’rs, and challenged everyone to practice perseverance, encourage one another, and delight in God’s stunning handiwork. Our climbers enjoyed clear skies and sunshine as they overcame mental and physical obstacles, taking one step at a time until summiting their peaks. Many students cheered as they achieved victory at the top of their mountains, including the entire 9th-grade class who successfully summited their 14r! We are so proud of our…

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First & Third Grade Book Buddies

This week, Mrs. Waltz's 1st-grade and Mrs. Winter's 3rd-grade classes joined together, allowing the 3rd-grade students to share their best reading fluency strategies with their 1st-grade book buddy! Students will meet with their book buddies twice a month as they grow together to appreciate reading. 

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Homeschool Collaborative

Every Tuesday morning, all three Homeschool Collaborative classes gather first thing to worship and learn the Dwell songs with Mrs. Kochie. This is a beautiful way for our homeschool students to start the day together and participate in Arma Dei’s unique Scripture memory program.

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Dads Grill Day

Over 140 dads or guests joined students for a delicious lunch outside for yet another epic Dads Grill Day! This community is blessed to have an abundance of Christian men intentionally pouring into our students’ lives.  Thank you to all who helped make this a memorable time of celebration and fellowship! 

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Preschool Begins!

This past Tuesday, we welcomed our littlest students into their first school years at Arma Dei Academy. Our wonderful Preschool staff greeted students with enthusiasm as they walked through the doors of their brand new classrooms located in Phase II of the main Arma Dei campus. Teachers will prepare these young minds for the classical education model throughout the year as they engage them through song and poetry, hands-on exploration, and rich literature emphasizing God’s story. We are excited to be part of the nurturing and training of these precious children! 

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