History of Arma Dei Academy

Arma Dei Academy was founded in June 2012 by four families who desired to pursue an excellent Christian education for their children but more importantly, for the greater good of generations to come.

Looking for both excellent academics and strong faith-based curriculum, these families invested their time and resources to investigate classical Christian education through books, conferences, and by visiting many classical Christian schools throughout the United States. These efforts further convinced them of the need to provide a classical Christian education, not only for their own children, but as a ministry for their surrounding communities. As the school began to become a reality, the name “Arma Dei” was suggested by Jennifer Wenger, who would later become a teacher at the school. The name means Armor of God in Latin and was chosen by the founding families because classical Christian education supports and encourages students as they learn to put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6).

Shortly after its formation, the founding families then collaborated to develop the following mission statement: Our mission is to glorify God by providing an excellent classical Christian education founded upon a biblical worldview which equips students to live purposefully and intelligently in service to God and others.

These families took a leap of faith and committed to open the school in 2012. A facility was secured in Highlands Ranch, teachers were miraculously found and hired, and curriculum was selected and purchased.

The founding families relied on several schools and administrators within the Association of Classical Christian Schools, a national organization. These individuals, including Douglas Wilson, Matt Whitling, Rodney and Robi Marshall, and many others were instrumental in the modeling and mentoring they provided to the founding families and teachers at Arma Dei.

The school opened in August 2012 with nine students ranging from second to seventh grade, with three full-time teachers, and two part-time teachers. Another student along with two more part-time teachers were added in the ensuing school year. Since that time, the academy has continued to grow and develop. In June 2014 the academy moved into a newly constructed 16,000 square foot facility. Beautiful classrooms, a dedicated dining room and library, state of the art science laboratory and art studio have all been added. As well, the Lord added many additional families, with Arma Dei Academy beginning the third year with 68 students, fourth year with 105 students, and fifth year with 138 students.

The school is forever grateful for the Cartwright, Macdonald, Nossaman and Vigil families and their commitment to classical Christian education.