Educating to Glorify God

Arma Dei Academy’s mission is to glorify God by providing an excellent classical Christian education founded upon a biblical worldview which equips students to live purposefully and intelligently in service to God and others.

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Cultivating Wisdom

Learning that begins with wonder and aims towards wisdom.

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Integrating Biblical Truth

Understanding history and the world through the truth found only in Scripture.

Equipping Leaders 

Producing students who think clearly, articulate well, and persuade with truth and grace. 


The Grammar School program intentionally builds a strong foundation that cultivates wonder and awe for the order of God and his creation, and delight in the True, Good, and Beautiful. The knowledge learned in the Grammar School provides the fundamentals necessary to think critically, reason clearly, and argue persuasively in the Logic stage.


When children become naturally argumentative, the Logic stage teaches students to engage in debate and discussions thoughtfully and charitably. Students interact through Socratic dialogue and are trained in informal and formal Logic. Logical training and reasoning spans all disciplines and is cultivated in tandem with humility, love, and virtue.


In grades 9-12, classical Rhetoric is emphasized as the fundamental skill of speaking and writing well. It is taught, practiced, and refined throughout every subject and class. Building on the foundation of grammar and logical reasoning, rhetoric is the skill of finding the best available means of persuasion in order to lead others into what is true, good, and beautiful


Our preschool provides a high-quality early childhood experience (ages 3-5) in a safe, nurturing, and engaging environment. The program prepares students for the classical model of education by encouraging memorization through song and poetry, hands-on exploration, and exposure to rich literature that emphasizes God’s story.

Collaborative Learning Program

We support and partner with Christian families educating at home classically. We engage a biblical worldview, academic excellence, and joyful learning that enriches families’ homeschools, while supporting and equipping parents in their calling to classically educate their children in wisdom and virtue so they may delight in God’s goodness, truth, and beauty. 



We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about classical Christian education and how our unique approach to education goes beyond academic success and equips students to impact the world for Christ.


I pray the Lord will continue to use you to shape this next generation

I really enjoyed getting to visit your school and you all did a wonderful job of making us feel welcome!  I especially enjoyed getting to visit the classes. I pray the Lord would continue to bless you and use you to help shape this next generation. Pastor Chris

I cannot imagine a better option in the greater Denver area for their education

This is the fifth year that our children have attended Arma Dei Academy, and I cannot imagine a better option in the greater Denver area for their education. From the moment I toured the school I knew that they had a high view of Scripture with an unapologetic adherence to an orthodox Christian worldview and high academic standards & expectations for the kids. I did not, however, expect to be in such a warm & loving community of like-minded parents - so rare to find these days! I also cannot speak highly enough about the staff and faculty. Every teacher that my kids have had for the last five years has demonstrated a passion for education, a desire to nurture our kids' love for Christ, and has looked for every opportunity to help develop their character & their hearts. In the (very) few situations where there has been conflict with other children, the Arma Dei staff and teachers have been very intentional about handling disagreements in a way that follows the biblical model of conflict resolution. Arma Dei Parent - Michelle

We love everything about this school

We love everything about this school, especially the academic, spiritual and character development our kids receive. Other bonuses include small class sizes, sticking to trusted methods instead of following the 'latest and greatest' in education, developing leadership with students (corporate prayers, presentations to large groups), minimal technology in the classrooms, following the word of God, promoting community with the families and maintaining a culture of like-mindedness. Arma Dei Parent - Megan

I was encouraged by the conduct of the students and the professionalism of the teachers

Having attended the pastoral appreciation breakfast, I wanted to thank you for your thoughtfulness, and also share with you some of what I observed. I witnessed excellence in education. From the moment I stepped onto campus at Arma Dei, I was encouraged by the conduct of the students and the professionalism of the teachers.​ You have all done an outstanding job with your team. 

From the initial breakfast, to walking through the classrooms, and engaging with the few staff that I was able to speak to, your vision for ministry and education was present. I can only imagine where you will all be in the near future, as I truly believe that God will entrust you with much. Congratulations on a job well done - not only with the appreciation breakfast - but mostly for the excellence in which you are educating young people and sharing the love of Jesus. Pastor Ross

The school has kept our son challenged and engaged

The school has kept our son challenged and engaged, and his growth has been remarkable the past two years. He has truly cultivated his love of learning at ADA. Very caring teachers and staff. Arma Dei Parent - Chris

Arma Dei knows its story well and sticks to its mission

We are very grateful we found Arma Dei! Arma Dei knows its story well and sticks to its mission. Small class sizes. High standards for academics including math and science with a strong biblical foundation. Kids regularly get outside for play. Lots of variety - music, art, chapel. No/little homework! Chapel is always very well done and compelling. Lots of opportunities for family engagement. Arma Dei Parent - Jennifer

Our kids are absolutely thriving at Arma Dei Academy

Best school in town. Our kids are absolutely thriving at Arma Dei Academy. They love going to school and are growing leaps and bounds both academically and socially. Arma Dei Parent - Brian

Our children have learned so much

Our children have learned so much during their time at Arma Dei and they both love learning. The teachers at this school truly care about character development and engaging with the students while teaching a challenging curriculum. The curriculum here is largely taught through discussion and hands on activity as opposed to having the kids fill out a bunch of worksheets which helps the kids gain a greater depth of understanding in all subjects. Arma Dei Parent - Mike

Truly they seek Christ in all things

Truly they seek Christ in all things, they teach truth unapologetically, and desire that the students be well-versed in all subjects so they can be lifelong learners and educated participants in society. Arma Dei Parent - Moya

Relevant teachers and enthusiastic learners

I enjoyed the pastor appreciation breakfast you hosted for us.  Thank you for all the effort that everyone contributed making it a wonderful time.  Seeing the kids in their classrooms was the highlight...relevant teachers and enthusiastic learners!

May our Lord Jesus continue blessing your exceptional school. Pastor Loren

What I like most is that we get to learn about God

What I like most is that we get to learn about God and that we are challenged in every class. This school also helps me develop better speaking skills. Through the speech meet, I have learned to speak more confidently in front of a group. - Fifth Grade Student, Arma Dei Academy