An On-Demand Experience

Welcome to Arma Dei Academy! While we would rather be meeting face-to-face, we are excited for you to witness an Arma Dei education first-hand through our on-demand virtual Open House experience. Please begin by viewing a message from our Director of Community Engagement.

Parent Testimonials
Dr. Ault on being Countercultural
Dr. Ault on Committed Community
Mrs. Tedrow on Partnering with Parents
Mrs. Lietzau on Partnering with Teachers
Mrs. Lietzau on Classical Christian Education

The Homeschool Collaborative is a unique partnership in which classroom teachers co-labor with parent teachers in the education of their children at school and at home. Collaborative students benefit from a brick and mortar classroom experience two days per week, and continue that learning with their teaching parents at home three days per week. Primary benefits include a classical Christian education that in addition to the core subjects of math and language arts, also includes Latin, science, music and art, along with flexibility that better supports family culture, more individualized instruction, part-time tuition cost, and fewer days in commute to school.

Partnering with Homeschool Families
The Classroom Experience
Inside the Classroom

The Arma Dei preschool provides a high-quality early childhood experience for your child in a safe, nurturing, and engaging environment where children develop and grow using a developmentally-appropriate curriculum. We prepare your child for the more formal learning environment they will encounter in Kindergarten. Our preschool program prepares students for the classical model of education, by encouraging memorization through song and poetry, hands-on exploration, and exposure to rich literature that emphasizes God’s story.

Video message from Brittany Conklin, Director

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Kindergarten – Attentiveness Poem and The Swing Recitation
At Arma Dei we desire to partner with parents to cultivate the right order of affections of a student’s heart and encourage their development of spirit, soul, and body. This begins in Kindergarten where students focus on monthly character traits.

1st Grade – Historical Time Period
Each year first grade students look forward to sharing what they have learned in the classroom through recitation and art.

2nd Grade – Creation Jingle
Second grade students at Arma Dei Academy begin a chronological study of history and Bible, beginning with the creation of the world.

3rd Grade – Sentence Jingle
Recognizing parts of speech and diagramming sentences is a lost art that is sadly absent in classrooms around the country today. At Arma Dei, grammar instruction is a critical part of the K-8 curriculum as we train students to articulate well.

5th Grade – Literature Discussion
We see the integrated curriculum at Arma Dei come to life through Literature discussions, where History and Bible are interwoven throughout. This is why we read the classics; to learn from mankind’s history and character, to gain a deeper understanding of Biblical history, and to cultivate wisdom and virtue so that students are better able to know and enjoy God.

Latin – 3rd Grade Jingle with 7th Graders

8th Grade teach John 1:1-5 with Kindergarten
Logic students embrace opportunities to lead and share with younger students. These moments have become cherished by our Grammar students!

Logic – Latin Lesson Sample 

Latin is often cited as being a favorite subject among students.

Students at Arma Dei are blessed with an Art and Music curriculum intended to enrich their classical Christian education. This video captures a fun moment with 5th graders ending Music class in worship together.

Once a week, students in grades 1st – 4th participate in Movement class, helping them to stay focused during the school day, provide brain development, and encourage body coordination.

Logic School – Ephesians 6 Scripture Memory Song
As part of forming our students’ biblical worldview and transforming them into the image of Christ, we memorize scripture together (through song) that corresponds to the monthly virtues and character traits that are expanded upon during weekly chapel. Arma Dei is Latin for Armor of God, and it was chosen because a classical Christian education supports students as they learn to put on the full armor of God as we prepare them to go out into the world as His disciples.

We encourage you to learn more about Arma Dei Academy and classical Christian education through our website and the following:

Open House Information Packet
Arma Dei Academy Parent-Student Handbook
Good Soil Report
Arma Dei Academy Blog

Schedule A Tour

After attending the Virtual Open House, interested families will have an opportunity to schedule a tour of the Arma Dei Academy K-8 campus in Highlands Ranch, and/or the Preschool campus in Lone Tree. Please email to schedule.

Arma Dei Academy’s Distance Learning Program (DLP)

Arma Dei Academy’s Distance Learning Program (“DLP”) exists to further our mission and deliver the most effective classical Christian education possible in light of the unprecedented public health challenges of COVID-19. Our program was developed to comply with Governor Polis’s Executive Stay-At-Home Order and other government mandates and regulations.

Arma Dei Academy teachers continue to work full-time to deliver school at home through a variety of learning opportunities including daily teacher-created video instruction, live classroom times, independent work, and hands-on experiences. The DLP was designed with our educational philosophy in mind, allowing students to continue interacting and engaging with rich educational content, teachers, families, and peers during this time.

Teachers are engaging with and providing instruction to students and parents through several live conferences throughout the week. Because of the innate passion to bring their God-given gifts and creativity during this time, teachers are providing pre-recorded videos to students each day. We invite you to explore how our teachers are continuing to deliver an excellent classical Christian education through the video links below.

Kindergarten – Virtue (Forgiveness) Lesson
Kindergarten – Bible Lesson
Kindergarten – Logic of English Lesson
1st Grade – Memory Verse (Galatians 5:22-26)
1st Grade – Logic of English Lesson 
1st Grade – History Lesson
2nd Grade – Why we study language chant
2nd Grade – Logic of English Lesson

3rd Grade – Math Lesson
5th Grade – Science Project
7th Grade – Latin
8th Grade – Science Project
8th Grade – Bible (Catechism 37)
Logic School Assembly
Logic School – Troublesome Verb, Grammar Lesson
Logic School Assembly 4.13.20

“We have been blown away with how you and your team have pulled together such an incredible program under such extreme circumstances. The entire world has had to adjust at a rapid pace. Arma Dei has responded with creativity, grace, and integrity. You have modeled such incredible perseverance, faith in the Lord and joy in trials. We are proud to be a part of the Arma Dei family.” – Natalie W.

“The online school is amazing. Please pass on a jubilant “Great Job!” from our family!!!” – Susan C.

“ADA has exceeded our expectations in every way.” – Rachel R.

“The teachers are doing a wonderful job with the daily videos and assignments – my kids (and myself) light up when we see them! Smiles from ear to ear!” – Krista P.

“I’m so impressed! The more I talk to friends in other schools the more I realize how good of a job ADA is doing.” – Danielle P.

“We truly are so grateful for you, the school, and the effort you have and are putting into these kids and this situation. This school year has been such a blessing to our entire family, and it continues to be so. While we are hopeful they will be able to return to a normal school day soon, we really cannot begin to express the extent to how happy we are with how well things are going.” – Amy G.

“I just wanted to thank all of you for the ingenuity, creativeness and flexibility you have all done with this crisis in the school year! I’m so thankful that school can go on!” – Ankie A.

“THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I was sincerely BLOWN AWAY by the level of professional adaptation that both Dr. K and Miss Thompson demonstrated. The organization of ideas and assignments for the first week of ever doing this was very impressive and then the adjustments is such encouraging news. We can do hard things. It’s good for us, and this week I’m going to say on repeat, it is well with my soul. Thank you all for the level of excellence and joyful support you have extended.” – Deana B.

“Thank you for the time and energy that you and the teachers are putting into virtual school! After talking with parents of kids at different schools, I’m grateful that our daughter is an Arma Dei student.” – Missy G.

“I just spent the last hour reviewing the plan for today, and I have tears in my eyes. Your hard work is evident in the videos, the explanations of what to do and the time. I cannot imagine the amount of time it has taken you to adjust in order to set us (the parents) and our students up for success. Wow. I truly am blown away by your work ethic and love for our children. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! When you are recording your beautiful faces, know there is a smiling little girl/boy on the other side of the screen so excited to see his/her teacher. You are all amazing and the appreciation I have for you is exploding from my soul. I always loved this school and all of you, but this — this far exceeds anything I imagined or hoped for. Thank you for trying. Thank you for giving your all. Thank you for making the most out of this circumstance. You are showing all of us Jesus in ways you never imagined. Today, I give a standing ovation to each one of you! Thank you for staying up late, going the extra mile and loving us beyond what we ever deserved. You ARE AMAZING!!!” – Tatum L.

“I am in awe of all that we have been able to accomplish from home in such a short period of time and little preparation, all thanks to the support of our teachers and staff members. I’m so happy to belong to this community especially during these very uncertain times.” – Jehan A.