Educating to Glorify God

Since the inception, we challenge our students to look at everything through a Biblical lens. By infusing education with Biblical truth, we train students to discern, reason, aspire. We do all these things to the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Training Students to Discern, Reason, & Aspire through Classical Christian Education

As the local leader in Classical Christian Education, providing a Biblically rich and academically rigorous education is beyond Priority One at Arma Dei Academy. Whether it is academic achievements, community connections, or collaborative projects, our students soar!

Infusing Education with Biblical Truth

The Bible is more than one class and every subject is taught from a biblical perspective. 

Preparing Students for Life

We encourage thoughtful, intelligent faith and help students pursue excellence with humility.

Leading with Eloquence and Wisdom

Building a legacy of intelligent and thoughtful leaders who will pursue a purposeful life marked by truth.

We love Arma Dei. The teachers are all so caring. They all know each child by name, even if they haven’t had them in class. The class sizes are small, and the kids are so sweet and well behaved. We love their Biblical approach to conflict management. We also LOVE the amount of scripture that our kids have memorized. They have become great little public speakers because they do it constantly. This school was the best parenting choice we have made.
Arma Dei Parent

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Early Years Foundation Stage
Christian Preschool

Providing joyful early childhood experience in a safe, exciting, and inspirational environment where children develop and grow, and be prepared for the classical model of education.

Songs, creative play, outdoor activities, art, and more…

  • Cultivating love of learning
  • Emphasizing memorization
  • Encouraging curious thinking

The Grammar Stage
Kindergarten through 5th Grade

In the early grades, students enjoy reciting, collecting facts, and demonstrating what they know. The design of the grammar stage teaching takes advantage of the students’ abilities of this stage and equip them with the rules and basic facts of various academic disciplines, focusing on the “building blocks” for future development.

  • Developing strong readers
  • Sharpening grammar, spelling, and writing skills
  • Building strong foundation for math and science

The Logic Stage
6th through 8th Grade

Most students at this stage want to analyze the world, ask questions, and find out the answers for themselves. We offer all kinds of opportunities to preserve and mature students innate desire to learn, to reason, and discern truth. At the end of the logic stage, students are ready to learn how to present their ideas persuasively.

  • Enhancing analytical and research skills
  • Developing written and oral presentations
  • Utilizing scientific methods to solve problems

School News & Upcoming Events

Field Day

Field Day 2022 was a fantastic success! Students enjoyed beautiful weather and competed enthusiastically in various games and races. They…

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