The 8th-grade class enjoyed a memorable adventure in Washington D.C. on their academic capstone trip. Averaging about 20,000 steps a day, the group visited inspiring monuments and memorials, including the Lincoln Memorial, Supreme Court, Capitol Building, Library of Congress, Eisenhour Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, Vietnam and Korean War monuments, and Smithsonian Castle. They also toured several impressive (and often sobering) museums, including the Museum of Bible, Holocaust Museum, Natural History Museum, and African American History museum. Each day, the group had opportunities to reflect deeply on the significance of these historic spots and on our nation’s past, both its victories and tragedies. At the same time, the students enjoyed plenty of fun together with exciting games of night-tag in front of the White House, a lovely day at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo, a beautiful concert at the National Cathedral, and a relaxing evening on the Wharf.