8th-Grade Field Trip

8th-grade students traveled to iFly Denver in Lone Tree where they spent the morning learning about the physics of skydiving through demos in the wind tunnel and a lab activity. They then put their knowledge into practice with simulated skydives of true freefall conditions in an indoor vertical wind tunnel. Students concluded the day with a visit to Independence Aviation Flight School in Centennial where they toured an extensive fleet of Cirrus Aircraft and participated in exciting flight simulators.

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4th-Grade Field Trip

The 4th-grade students traveled to Colorado Adventure Point (CAP) in Lakewood for an opportunity to apply their scientific knowledge with some hands-on chemistry activities. They also learned the art of archery and enjoyed time building community with one another.

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Americas Formative Years

A key component in Classical education is memorization and recitation. Students develop poise and grow in self-confidence through this methodology. Each year students are given the opportunity to present a drama of the historical period studied during the school year. Character transformation often takes place when children learn about real-life heroes who lived virtuous lives. Our senses are the gateway to our memory, and the festival is an opportunity to bring history and character development to life for our students. Today first-grade students served as guides on a trip back in time to the beginning of our great country. Through songs,…

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Arma Dei Academy’s Portrait of a Graduate

Why a Portrait of a Graduate? Beginning with the end in mind, we sought to determine what an Arma Dei 12th grade graduate should look like. The ideal graduate of a classical Christian school should be marked by a noticeable refinement of manner and intellect. He will be first and foremost committed to his Christian purpose in life, and will love and live the Christian virtues. He will be competent in language, mathematics, natural philosophy (science), philosophy, and theology, and be prepared and interested in studying them further. He will think well, with Christian presuppositions in all areas of his life.…

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Teaching Science from a Biblical Worldview by Dr. Ault

Matthew 22:37 And he [Jesus] said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” Training children’s hearts, souls, and minds to love the Lord means that they grow to acknowledge him in all of creation and everyday life. This applies to every subject taught, every game played, every word spoken. This is the highest aim of Christian educators and parents and is, in essence, a biblical worldview. The great Dutch prime minister and theologian Abraham Kuyper stated, “Oh, no single piece of our mental world is…

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Arma Dei Graduates: Armed for the Future

The culture of Arma Dei Academy is a direct product of faculty committed to Arma Dei's mission. The administration, teachers, and support staff at Arma Dei are committed to equipping the students God has entrusted to their care for lives of Christlike service to God and others. That fact necessarily produces a culture where students are consistently reminded of Christ's sacrificial service to his people and encouraged to emulate Christ in concrete acts of sacrificial service to one another. The pending addition of a School of Rhetoric at Arma Dei will provide faculty scope to put the finishing touches on students,…

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Why the Arma Dei Academy School of Rhetoric?

Admission to the School of Rhetoric is Open! When defining paideia (παιδεια), words such as education, training, and culture are often used. Other frequently used phrases are “Christian worldview” or “good character,” but paideia involves much, much more. It shapes what “a person loves, what they enjoy, and how they think and act.” Paideia is the ingredient in our hearts and minds that motivates the choices we make, determines how we see the world, and sustains our culture. Education is about soul formation, not just information. And this formation builds a culture. At Arma Dei, parents and teachers partner together to…

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