First & Third Grade Book Buddies

This week, Mrs. Waltz's 1st-grade and Mrs. Winter's 3rd-grade classes joined together, allowing the 3rd-grade students to share their best reading fluency strategies with their 1st-grade book buddy! Students will meet with their book buddies twice a month as they grow together to appreciate reading. 

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7th-Grade Field Trip

On Wednesday, April 21st, the 7th-grade class traveled to the Challenger Learning Center in Colorado Springs where they spent the morning participating in various space-related activities, including a visit to the Challenger Learning Center's planetarium. In the afternoon, students became astronauts as they traveled to Mars in a simulated space mission to explore the red planet. Despite an instance of their life support going haywire, they were successful in their mission to discover water on Mars and collect various scientific samples for further study!

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6th-Grade Field Trip

On Wednesday, April 21st, 6th-grade students traveled to the Challenger Learning Center in Colorado Springs where they spent the morning in a simulated space mission that challenged the young astronauts to plot a successful course and launch a space probe that gathers data from Comet Encke. The crew did not locate the comet Encke; however, they did discover a new comet and named it Comet Arma Dei! During the afternoon, students learned about binary codes and shift ciphers and solved clues to discover the identity of the owner of a spy backpack. The trip was concluded with a tour through space in…

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4th-Grade Science

Fourth-grade students have been discussing the states of matter in science this week. They worked with an amorphous solid (glass) to create stained glass windows that illustrated a theme or story from the Bible. In centuries past, Christian art forms such as these were referred to as the Poor Man’s Bible and used primarily in churches and cathedrals to illustrate the teachings of the Bible to largely illiterate populations.

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8th-Grade Field Trip

8th-grade students traveled to iFly Denver in Lone Tree where they spent the morning learning about the physics of skydiving through demos in the wind tunnel and a lab activity. They then put their knowledge into practice with simulated skydives of true freefall conditions in an indoor vertical wind tunnel. Students concluded the day with a visit to Independence Aviation Flight School in Centennial where they toured an extensive fleet of Cirrus Aircraft and participated in exciting flight simulators.

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4th-Grade Field Trip

The 4th-grade students traveled to Colorado Adventure Point (CAP) in Lakewood for an opportunity to apply their scientific knowledge with some hands-on chemistry activities. They also learned the art of archery and enjoyed time building community with one another.

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6th-Grade Humanities

The Children's Homer by Padriac Column is an epic tale that includes two ancient Greek tales that shaped Greek culture, The Illiad and The Odyssey. Upon completion of reading the book, students were given a creative writing assignment. Odysseus's family was many miles away and he did not see them for over 20 years. If mail could have been delivered in the days of Ancient Greece, what would his family have written to each other? Students chose a character from Odysseus's family; Penelope, Odysseus, or Telemachus to write a letter to and from. Their letters were not only beautiful but they were abundantly creative!

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