6th-Grade Humanities

The Children's Homer by Padriac Column is an epic tale that includes two ancient Greek tales that shaped Greek culture, The Illiad and The Odyssey. Upon completion of reading the book, students were given a creative writing assignment. Odysseus's family was many miles away and he did not see them for over 20 years. If mail could have been delivered in the days of Ancient Greece, what would his family have written to each other? Students chose a character from Odysseus's family; Penelope, Odysseus, or Telemachus to write a letter to and from. Their letters were not only beautiful but they were abundantly creative!

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Distance Learning at Arma Dei Academy

Arma Dei Academy’s Distance Learning Program (“DLP”) exists to further our mission and deliver the most effective classical Christian education possible in light of the unprecedented public health challenges of COVID-19. Our program was developed to comply with Governor Polis’s Executive Stay-At-Home Order D 2020 017 and other government mandates and regulations. Arma Dei Academy teachers continue to work full-time to deliver school at home through a variety of learning opportunities including daily teacher-created video instruction, live classroom times, independent work, and hands-on experiences. The DLP was designed with our educational philosophy in mind, allowing students to continue interacting and engaging…


Life Outcomes of Classical Christian Education Graduates

Good Soil - A Comparative Review At Arma Dei Academy we aim to graduate students who think clearly and listen carefully with discernment and understanding; who reason persuasively and articulate precisely; who are capable of evaluating their entire range of experience in light of the Scriptures; and who do so in joyful submission to God. Over the past eight years we have successfully prepared and launched graduates into their high school and college years, where they are actively becoming intelligent and thoughtful leaders, continuing their pursuit of a purposeful life marked by Truth.  Not only have we witnessed the fruit of…


Shabbat Blessing

Christian classical education aims to educate students with experiences that integrate the information poured into their minds with their soul. History came alive for the second-grade students who have been following the Israelites exodus from Egypt through their wanderings in the wilderness as they make their way to the promised land. While the Israelites were camped at Mt. Sinai, God gave Moses The Ten Commandments. The fourth Commandment instructs the Israelites to observe the Sabbath and keep it holy. In the Jewish faith, a Shabbat (Hebrew word for Sabbath) blessing is performed at nightfall on Friday to signify the beginning of…


Recitation & Art Showcase

A Night to Remember...On Thursday, January 23rd, the Arma Dei community gathered together for our first school-wide Recitation and Art Showcase. It was a night to celebrate all the mighty work the Lord has done in the hearts and minds of the students of Arma Dei Academy.  Upon entering the Living Way Fellowship Sanctuary, parents were blessed with an amazing art display showcasing a piece of artwork from each student of the Academy. Students and family members then gathered in the sanctuary of Living Way Fellowship, where there was standing room only. In commemoration of the first year of Arma Dei,…


First Grade Festival

We were blessed with a special Thanksgiving performance at Chapel from our first-grade class. It was a delight and joy to watch our students bring to life important paintings depicting our early country. They re-enacted how the men and women showed bravery, grit, and sacrifice that were fueled by their reliance on Almighty God. The students worked diligently in preparing for the festival and did a wonderful job! Thank you to and all the parents who helped with costumes, props, speech practice, and the delicious feast! Click here to watch "The Day At The Living History Museum" presented by the first-grade…


Cultivation of Character by Dr. Kristen Ault – Second Grade Teacher

Character is the set of inward values that determine our outward actions. In modern culture, character is thought of as a binary concept: people either have strong character or weak character. Strong character is celebrated when an individual acts in accordance with what they believe is right or beneficial, and the opposite being true of those with weak character. Neither acknowledges one source of truth as the foundation by which the measures of “right” or “beneficial” are based and the individual plays the role of judge. In contrast, classical Christian education recognizes a third type of character, Christian. Christian character is…