4th Grade Family Weekend

Last weekend, students and parents from the 4th-grade class had an amazing time together at Snow Mountain Ranch. Beautiful weather, fun activities, and lasting memories were made. The purpose of this parent sponsored retreat was to create a foundation for future conversations among parents and a tighter bond within the class. Friday night’s activity set the stage for the entire weekend as participants put together a puzzle together, demonstrating how God sees each child individually, made in HIS image. Throughout the weekend, various team activities drove home the realities students face that interfere with understanding their true identity in Christ. As…


Arma Dei Academy House System by Dr. Denlinger

Arma Dei Academy implemented The House Program this year for logic students (Grades 5-8). The house system exists to foster a culture of professionalism, courtesy, and Christ-like service to others among students - a culture conducive to learning; a culture that properly equips students for lives of service to God and others as well as success in their future academic and professional pursuits. The house system achieves this goal in three ways: 1) by giving students incentives (house points and corresponding awards) to meet high standards for student competition, comportment, and interaction; 2) by creating house-specific, school-wide, and community-oriented opportunities for…

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