Summer STEM @ Arma Dei Academy

SUMMER STEM is an educational program focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

SUMMER STEM offers camps that expose students to computer technology, engineering design and media communications by allowing active learning and purposeful application through real-life challenges and projects.
Warren Astler

Mr. Warren Astler currently serves as the science instructor and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Coordinator at Arma Dei Academy.
He taught third grade for ten years and middle school for nine years at a local Christian school helping develop their middle school science program. During the past seven years, Mr. Astler continued his work in the middle school by teaching science, technology, video production and STEM courses. He served as the STEM coordinator at a science-based charter school and helped develop the technology program at a public middle school.
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Lego Robotics: EV3 Platform (5 - 8 grade)

Robotic Challenges:
Black Line: Robot must navigate a black line course.
Robot must clear a 36 inch square mat of 40-1 inch square blocks.
Hill Climb/Speed Conversion:
Robot must complete two tasks with only a two-minute conversion time between tasks. The first task is to climb as steep an incline as possible. The second task to to travel 15 feet in the fastest time possible.
Robots will dance and move to an assigned song
Obstacle Course:
Robot will maneuver through an arena while avoiding obstacles in the shortest amount of time.
Robot will move a ball a specific distance and drop it on a target.
Robot removes “trash” (orange ping pong balls) while collecting valuable items (white ping pong balls)
Robots will “Sumo Wrestle” another robot trying to push the other robot out of a square playing area while avoiding being pushed out themselves.
Congratulations Robotics Club!!
Competition in eight robotic challenges took place on Saturday, April 1, at Rocky Heights Middle School.
Arma Dei placed 1st in Minesweeper (Shane Pranno), 1st in Black Line (Shane Pranno), and 3rd in RoboDance (Ethan Rainey).

LEGO® Simple Machine (Kdg - 1st Grade)

3rd Place

LEGO® Simple Machine (2nd-3rd grade)

1st Place
Congratulations to our Arma Dei Academy SeaPerch underwater robotics teams!!! Competing against middle school teams from across the region in various underwater challenges in the 2016 SeaPerch Challenge in Colorado Springs, both Arma Dei teams had an impressive showing of courtesy to judges and fellow competitors. By placing first overall, one team qualified and joined over 150 teams at the 2016 National SeaPerch Challenge at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. They competed in a juried poster competition and in-pool technical events with their SeaPerch ROVs.