Our 8th-grade students spent last Wednesday through Friday on retreat at Camp Idrahaje in Bailey, Colorado. Their time away included team-building exercises and a number of good old-fashioned fun activities, including archery tag, cliff rappelling, a ropes course, water balloon fights, frisbee golf, and night-time games.

Morning and evening sessions in an outdoor chapel provided breathtaking views of the Milky Way and gave the students opportunities to study Scripture, pray, develop collective goals for the year, and brainstorm ways that they might serve God and others in the life of the school this year.

The students, on their own initiative, committed themselves to forging strong friendships, growing in Christlikeness, and pursuing joy through service to others throughout this academic year. They left Idrahaje with a concrete list of ways in which they hope to serve one another, younger students, and faculty members during their final year at Arma Dei!