Why a Portrait of a Graduate? Beginning with the end in mind, we sought to determine what an Arma Dei 12th grade graduate should look like. The ideal graduate of a classical Christian school should be marked by a noticeable refinement of manner and intellect. He will be first and foremost committed to his Christian purpose in life, and will love and live the Christian virtues. He will be competent in language, mathematics, natural philosophy (science), philosophy, and theology, and be prepared and interested in studying them further. He will think well, with Christian presuppositions in all areas of his life. He will be wise and full of humility. He will love to learn and will seek to learn throughout his life. This is an exciting vision! See more from the ACCS here.

Thus, the design of the School of Rhetoric orbits around the portrait found below, seeking that all programs and activities are purposefully designed to personify the portrait.

Arma Dei Academy intentionally nurtures a graduate who seeks Christ in all human endeavors supported by a comprehensive biblical worldview; lives the character of Christ with wisdom, virtue, and compassion; graduates college-ready with a strong foundation in the classical liberal arts; contributes joyfully to authentic Christian community; and creates culture as a beacon of Christ’s love in society through an intentional calling while countering the culture at large when needed, intelligently and with conviction.

If you desire a classical Christian education for your rising ninth-grade student at Arma Dei Academy, please do not delay beginning the enrollment process. Contact the Admissions Office by phone (303-346-4523) or email (admissions@armadeiacademy.com). If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to follow this link to the School of Rhetoric frequently asked questions.