Seventh Grade

Logic level students in seventh grade at Arma Dei Academy study Western World History from creation through exploration and Old Testament Survey. Great works of literature correlating with the historical time period are read, discussed, and analyzed. Grammar usage and writing skills are sharpened through direct instruction and the ongoing fourteen steps of the Progymnasmata. The study of Latin continues as students master all five noun declensions and cases. In addition, students study Life Science and begin their initial instruction in formal logic.


Old Testament Survey

ESV Student Study Bible and various resource materials (Hill and Walton, Meade)

  • The Covenant with Adam, Noah, and Abraham
  • The Covenants through Moses
  • The Covenant to David
  • The Future Covenant
  • Each subject is taught from a biblical perspective at Arma Dei Academy. While each day opens with prayer and a formal study of scripture, biblical discussion is not limited to a particular class period. Scripture memory is a critical component of the curriculum.



      Studies in World History Vol. 1 (Stobaugh)

    • Creation
    • Ancient Egypt
    • Ancient Greece
    • Ancient Rome
    • Asian and Islamic Empires
    • Islam
    • Medieval World
    • Crusades
    • New World
    • Geography
      Western World geography is taught in conjunction with history and corresponding literature.



      • Mara, Daughter of the Nile (McGraw)
      • The Odyssey (Homer)
      • The Eagle (Sutcliff)
      • Confessions (Augustine)
      • Beowulf (Heaney)
      • The Canterbury Tales (Chaucer)
      • Much Ado About Nothing (Shakespeare)
      • Distinctives

      • Debate – Identification of logical fallacies
      • Shakespeare Festival
      • Canterbury Tales re-enactment
        • Grammar


          Students entering seventh grade should have a working understanding of grammar, usage, and punctuation. While these concepts are regularly reviewed and incorporated into composition, incoming students not able to demonstrate mastery have the benefit of an individualized, independent remediation program.



            Latin Alive I (Moore)



              Extracted from literature


                Students review and systematically employ new steps of composition in the classical tradition.

              • Chreia/Proverb
              • Refutation/Confirmation
              • Commonplace
              • Encomium/Vituperation
              • Comparison
              • Impersonation
              • Thesis/Theme
                • Math


                  Math in Focus: A Singapore Approach 7a & 7b, or Algebra I



                    Formal Logic A, The Art of Argument (Larson)



                      General Science, Life Science (Wile)

                    • Scientific method during labs
                    • Classifying life, the Human Body
                    • Human Systems: Digestive, Respiratory, Circulatory, Lymphatic, Endocrine, Urinary, and Nervous
                    • Engineering design process of projects
                    • Labs and engineering projects correlate with curriculum
                      • Art


                      • Master the use of varied lines and shapes to create form and detail in drawing simple and complex subjects
                      • Basics and beyond including primary, secondary, and tertiary stages of color
                      • Understand the use of tints and hues
                      • Create a still life composition using contour line drawing, shading of forms, and complimentary color theory
                      • Draw and paint artists from all over the world
                      • Recreate simple pieces of art form the same time period as classroom study
                      • 3-D sculpture
                      • Canvas painting
                        • Music


                          God Made Classical Music
                          Classical Composer Study:

                        • Theme is music
                        • Higher level ensemble work
                        • Compare & contrast composers
                        • Timeline and history of musical periods
                        • Note recognition on staff for treble and bass clefs
                        • Music and composing of the studied historical period
                        • Performance of selected composers & different instruments
                          • Physical Education

                            Physical Education

                            Introduces students to fitness through exploration and participation in team and individual sports.