Are we there yet? Undoubtedly as parents, we have heard this question from our children at some point in our lives. Our responses have ranged from, “not yet” to “please don’t ask again I will let you know when we are”. As we experience this unprecedented Stay At Home order, I find myself wondering, “are we there yet”? The answer is certainly, I don’t know but the LORD does and I can trust completely and utterly in Him with my life and the lives of my family as we travel this road. Great is Thy faithfulness!

In the meantime, I have been moved to love my neighbors in ways I have not previously considered. This is in harmony with the mission statement of Arma Dei Academy which ends with the words, “in service to God and others”. To this end, I have asked our team to set up The Arma Dei Forum webpage where you can post your needs to our community and they can respond as the LORD compels them. Do you need someone to call and pray with you? Do you need someone to deliver a meal or groceries to you? Do you need some other supplies that you have been unable to obtain? Whatever the need, will you humbly share it so that others in the body of Christ can love you by serving you?

Please join me in this endeavor. I will lead the way by asking that you pray for the board of directors as we navigate the days ahead. We need the LORD to grant us wisdom as we reevaluate strategic plans and consider what the top five goals should be for Arma Dei in light of this pandemic. On a personal note, please join me in prayer for my son Jacob who has battled pneumonia in the past and suffered some lung damage as a result. My wife and I are praying he does not contract COVID-19 so he can continue to live and serve God for many years to come alongside his wife, Meagan.

John Wesley once said,
“Do all the GOOD you can
By all the MEANS you can
In all the WAYS you can
In all the PLACES you can
At all the TIMES you can
To all the PEOPLE you can
As long as you ever can.”

May the Holy Spirit inspire each of us to be “in service to God and others” at every opportunity that is presented to us.

I look forward to hearing from you and having the opportunity to serve you for the glory of my king, Jesus.

In Christ alone,

Greg Vigil
Chairman of the Board