Arma Dei Academy announces the School of Rhetoric – Opening Grade 9 Fall 2021! ADA School of Rhetoric is a Christ-centered, academically vigorous college preparatory program. All students engage in a comprehensive core of classes, grades 9-12, that integrate the study of the seven liberal arts, known as the trivium and the quadrivium.

Arma Dei Academy intentionally nurtures a graduate who:
*seeks Christ in all human endeavors supported by a comprehensive biblical worldview;
*lives the character of Christ with wisdom, virtue, and compassion;
*graduates college-ready with a strong foundation in the classical liberal arts;
*contributes joyfully to authentic Christian community;
*and creates culture as a beacon of Christ’s love in society through an intentional calling while countering the culture at large when needed, intelligently and with conviction.

Open enrollment begins in early November. Our Admissions office is here to serve you during this process. Please contact Lora Bowman, Director of Admissions at (303) 346-4523 or email with your questions. Learn more about the School of Rhetoric today!