Arma Dei Academy Families and Friends, How will you remember 2020? As much of the world eagerly awaits its close, Arma Dei Academy celebrates as we recount the faithfulness and abundant blessings of the LORD. We are incredibly grateful. Unlike millions of children around the country, the students of Arma Dei still enter the “wardrobe doors” each morning. For a few hours each day, the challenges and distractions of the world are shut out, and the growing, shaping, and forming of the heart and mind continues. Students learn to view the world through a broader lens; one that traces the fingerprints…


Grateful for Growth

The start of a new decade, marked by 2020, has certainly not unfolded the way any of us anticipated. Between the pandemic, wildfires, and a challenging election year, it is easy to become overwhelmed and discouraged. However, Paul reminds us in Colossians 3:17, “whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” When the Lord Jesus becomes the lens through which we labor, we cannot help but look back and give thanks with grateful hearts for all He has done.Since the humble beginnings of Arma Dei…

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Arma Dei Graduates: Armed for the Future

The culture of Arma Dei Academy is a direct product of faculty committed to Arma Dei's mission. The administration, teachers, and support staff at Arma Dei are committed to equipping the students God has entrusted to their care for lives of Christlike service to God and others. That fact necessarily produces a culture where students are consistently reminded of Christ's sacrificial service to his people and encouraged to emulate Christ in concrete acts of sacrificial service to one another. The pending addition of a School of Rhetoric at Arma Dei will provide faculty scope to put the finishing touches on students,…

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Why the Arma Dei Academy School of Rhetoric?

Admission to the School of Rhetoric is Open! When defining paideia (παιδεια), words such as education, training, and culture are often used. Other frequently used phrases are “Christian worldview” or “good character,” but paideia involves much, much more. It shapes what “a person loves, what they enjoy, and how they think and act.” Paideia is the ingredient in our hearts and minds that motivates the choices we make, determines how we see the world, and sustains our culture. Education is about soul formation, not just information. And this formation builds a culture. At Arma Dei, parents and teachers partner together to…

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School of Rhetoric

Arma Dei Academy announces the School of Rhetoric - Opening Grade 9 Fall 2021! ADA School of Rhetoric is a Christ-centered, academically vigorous college preparatory program. All students engage in a comprehensive core of classes, grades 9-12, that integrate the study of the seven liberal arts, known as the trivium and the quadrivium. Arma Dei Academy intentionally nurtures a graduate who:*seeks Christ in all human endeavors supported by a comprehensive biblical worldview;*lives the character of Christ with wisdom, virtue, and compassion;*graduates college-ready with a strong foundation in the classical liberal arts;*contributes joyfully to authentic Christian community;*and creates culture as a beacon…

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Soli Deo Gloria!

Students returned to campus for a joy-filled first week of the school year. We invite you to get a glimpse of the week. Soli Deo gloria!

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Welcome Back Arma Dei Academy!

For the past five months our hallways and classrooms have been barren of the joy that serves as the cornerstone of Arma Dei Academy; the very thing that breathes life into our mission and purpose. It is through the grace of God and countless hours of prayer and preparation that we are delighted to open our doors and receive your children into the truth, goodness, and beauty that is a classical Christian education at Arma Dei Academy. We encourage you as a family to set aside time to read and pray through Ephesians 6; to encourage your children to daily put…

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