A Christ-Centered environment is one that consciously and purposely points all things: knowledge, understanding, behavior, discipline, every event in or outside the classroom, to Christ, who is our ultimate example of how to live and the source from where all things come. The kindergarten classroom at Arma Dei Academy acknowledges Christ as the center of everything we do!

Students in the kindergarten classroom learn about God and how much He loves them through Old Testament Bible stories, class discussions, songs, poems, and prayer time. The Old Testament stories come alive on a large, colorful flannel board where students are able to demonstrate their comprehension by reenacting the story. The student’s understanding of the story is further reinforced by coloring pictures and adding details of that story. The class engages in meaningful discussions as the teacher asks thought-provoking questions, engaging students to think deeply about the message of the story.

A special time is also dedicated every morning to prayer. Kindergarteners are taught the Lord’s prayer at the beginning of the school year in both recitation and song format. Every kindergartener then has the opportunity to lead the class on their own, in this special prayer Jesus taught all of us to pray to God our Father.

Not only do the kindergarteners learn about the love of Jesus during Bible class, they are reminded throughout the school day how much Jesus cares about them and they are encouraged to develop their own personal relationship with Him. Kindergarteners are taught six Godly characteristics that are defined and brought to life through everyday experiences. These characteristics are: attentiveness, obedience, gratefulness, truthfulness, orderliness, and forgiveness.