Mrs. Robi Marshall, Principalephiphany
Christmas decorations are probably packed away at your home, but we hope that Christmas is not. Medievals celebrated Christmas for twelve continual days each with its own significance, often commemorating important events that surrounded the birth of Christ. Today, January 5th marks the twelfth and culminating day and is also known as Epiphany eve.Tomorrow highlights Epiphany, an important day for Christian believers.
The Greek word Epiphany literally means “revelation” or “sudden unveiling” or “manifestation”. It celebrates the day when wise men from the East were guided by a miraculous star to a stable in Bethlehem. Those three magi were the first to encounter God revealing himself, in human form, to the world beyond Judea. God presented to them Jesus, the light of the whole world, made flesh. Imagine those three wise men, encountering the very glory of God on earth! Let us sendeavor to remember and celebrate Epiphany as the good news unveiled to the world around us. “For in the city of David, a savior was born.” Luke 2:10-11

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