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      Over the past few weeks I have had the privilege to communicate with our preschool families about their prayer needs and praises they are experiencing. Being the Director of the preschool program for Arma Dei has been one of life’s many blessings for me.

      Below are the preschool families praise and prayer requests I have received.

      * We are finding joy in the moment and are making the best out of our day.

      * We are loving the time to get to know each other as parent/teacher, child/student

      *No one is sick in our family, and we are all able to work from home

      *We are able to slow down and enjoy each other

      *We are making lemonade out of the lemons we have been handed

      So many of our families are sending praise to be able to be together and to slow down, enjoy the moments we have been given and cherish our time as family.

      *Pray for patience as we learn to become parents as well as teachers of our children

      *Pray for the best for my family in the way we do things and not compare ourselves to others through this time or any.

      *Pray for those on the front line of COVID-19 who are not able to stay at home

      *Pray for the loss of loved ones caused by COVID-19

      *Pray to continue to trust the Lord

      * Pray for the uncertain times ahead and to minimize the impact of economic fallout

      *Pray for health in families who are struggling with illness other than COVID-19

      *Pray for opportunities to help others who may be in need

      *Pray for the survival of small businesses to continue to operate after the pandemic

      *Pray for everyone who is on essential status

      *Prayers for overwhelming moments

      *Prayers for stress and anxiety on our children

      *Pray for job stability

      *Pray for our government leaders

      *pray for our Arma Dei families and staff

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