Recently, three of our students shared with their classmates, their dad’s journey in the NFL and his Super Bowl and AFC Championship Rings. Coach Rick Dennison, Broncos’ Offensive Coordinator and Arma Dei dad also received letters and prayers from sixth grade students for the upcoming Super Bowl.


Prior to leaving for the Super Bowl, Coach Dennison sent a special letter back to our students. He stated “It was such an honor to read all of the letters that you wrote me. I really enjoyed the scriptures and art work that each of you did. I know that you put a a great deal of time and effort into your work, thank you so much.” Coach Dennison further tells the students that all of the (Broncos) coaches and players put all their focus and energy into playing well so we can accomplish something together. God put us all together in order to do something special.
All of us here at Arma Dei Academy wish Coach Dennison and the Broncos good luck. Go Broncos!

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