Inspired by Denver’s most recent Monet exhibit, Collaborative students began a three-part study of color values and practiced creating shades of colors, which will culminate in an Impressionist project.

Collaborative Learning Program (K-8)

Supporting Homeschool Families

Our Heart & Mission​

Arma Dei Academy’s mission is to glorify God by providing an excellent classical Christian education founded upon a biblical worldview which equips students to live purposefully and intelligently in service to God and others.

In the spirit of Deuteronomy 6, Arma Dei’s Collaborative Learning Program mirrors this vision in our partnership with like-minded homeschooling families. We seek to harmonize the significance of a family’s role in their children’s homeschooled education by supporting parents with Christ-centered community, curriculum, and culture.

The Collaborative Learning Program is a unique partnership in which classroom teachers co-labor with parent teachers in the education of their children at school and at home. Collaborative students benefit from a brick-and-mortar classroom experience two days per week and continue that learning with their teaching parents at home three days per week. Primary benefits include a classical Christian education that includes language arts, Bible, science, history, geography, Latin, character formation, music, and art, along with flexibility that better supports family culture, more individualized instruction, part-time tuition cost, and fewer days in commute to school.

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Student Life

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Why choose the Collaborative Learning Program?

The Collaborative Learning Program bridges the learning atmosphere of a formal classroom and an enriched home in an intentional effort to maximize student learning in a blend of the best of both settings. The program is intentionally relational and brings together classically-minded Christian families committed to cultivating wisdom and virtue in their children so that as life-long learners their affections are aligned to love the True, Good and Beautiful.

Collaborative Learning Program Information

Grade Levels: Kindergarten – 8th Grade

Subjects Taught in Classroom: Bible, Science, History, Geography, Composition, Literature, Latin, and Character Formation

Class Time and Schedule:
8:15am – 3:30pm

Kindergarten – 8th (T/Th); Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 4th (M/W)

Dress Code: Arma Dei Academy requires that each student wear a school-approved uniform to enhance the atmosphere of learning, minimize ambiguities, and foster a spirit of camaraderie among the student body. The student is identified with a group that strives for excellence and the policy is established toward that end.

Parents should be sure that from head-­to-­toe, each of their children is an excellent representative of Arma Dei Academy. We request that students arrive at school with their uniforms in neat, clean, and good condition.

Arma Dei Academy also maintains a ‘Uniform Closet’ where parents may recycle and/or pick up gently worn uniform items.

Arma Dei Academy is pleased to offer its Rhetoric classes to local homeschooling students in high school. By participating in as many as three Rhetoric classes per year at Arma Dei, your student will have the opportunity to:

  • Experience a positive and joyful classroom culture
  • Form friendships with peers in a Christian environment
  • Pursue the possibility of dual credit through Colorado Christian University
  • Have the option to join social events, PE days, retreats, and academic capstone trips

Course of Study – A minimum of 1 & maximum of 3 of the below classes may be taken per year:

  • History
    • Ancient History Medieval & Early
    • Modern European History
  • Literature
    • Introduction to Classical Literature & Philosophy
    • Renaissance & Early Modern Literature
  • Bible
    • Theology I: Christ and Creeds
    • Theology II: Medieval Christianity & the Reformation
  • Science
    • Biology & Biology Lab
    • Chemistry & Chemistry Lab
  • Math
    • Geometry
    • Algebra II
    • Pre-Calculus
  • Latin – Requires prerequisites and approval from Dean of Rhetoric

Students interested in taking History or Literature must register for both, as they are taught concurrently. Space is limited in each course.

All of the courses listed above (excluding Geometry) have been approved or are in the application stage for Dual Credit through Colorado Christian University.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Students may also participate in extracurricular activities and events. These include quarterly PE days that range from mountain climbing to Scottish dancing and snow sports. Students also attend overnight retreats and camping trips at the start of the school year, and each grade has a capstone academic trip either abroad or within the US. Additionally, students have multiple opportunities each semester to participate in social events like escape rooms, country line dancing, and other gatherings that cultivate fellowship and friendship. Students may also choose to participate in Arma Dei sports and/or clubs. Additional fees apply for these optional activities; please inquire if interested.

How to Apply

The application process is the same for all Arma Dei students and requires an application, references, and family interview. Students must meet prerequisites and have approval from the Dean of Rhetoric. Contact with any questions.

  • Cost: $2,500 per each year-long class
    • Dual Credit Enrollment is an option for most courses at the price determined by CCU
    • Financial Aid is not available
  • Additional Information:
    • Students must wear an Arma Dei school uniform, including formal chapel uniform on Mondays
    • Parents and students must adhere to the Parent-Student Handbook


Location: 341 E. Wildcat Reserve Parkway, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126 

Contact: Tifany Borgelt, Dean of Collaborative Learning Program

Admissions: Lora Hollaus, Director of Community Engagement

What Others Are Saying...

I would never have given homeschooling a second thought, and I certainly would never have tried it without the support and partnership with Arma Dei – it’s instilled in me a confidence I didn’t know was there! Since starting with the Collaborative, the flexibility and pace of homeschooling has given us a chance to connect better as a family – we’ve loved how our three children have had so much more time together this year. I’ve loved getting to partner with, and learn from a whole group of amazing Collaborative moms – we’re building community together. We partner with the Collaborative because of its culture, and resources. We’re blessed by amazing parents, kind and experienced educators, a beautiful atmosphere, with additional subjects like science, art, music, and latin. Arma Dei Parent – Shannon T.

Our kids are so happy and engaged; they’re proud of themselves and the work they do. They seem calm, and are comfortable in this learning environment. Arma Dei Parent – Dayna S.

Time together – this has been the biggest blessing. We’re creating more family culture. It’s a treasure I didn’t even realize our family was missing and needed/wanted/and would love more of. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without the Collaborative. Two days a week is just the right amount of needed school structure outside of our home. Our son brings the spirit of that structure and right learning attitude home with him each week, and it makes all the difference with his attitude toward the work of homeschooling on our other three days. Arma Dei Parent – Kristen L.

We love collaborating with Arma Dei as a whole. Being part of this community is why we’re here! Arma Dei Parent – Megan L. 

I love watching my son learn; I love watching him make connections, and then sharing what those connections have taught him. The Collaborative is what we were missing for him in our homeschool – it’s exactly what he needed! Arma Dei Parent – Monika N.

I love to be part of fulfilling our daughter’s eagerness for learning, seeing her “aha!” moments, and personalizing her education. I love the space the Collaborative has given our family to pursue beautiful and worthwhile ideas together, and the room it makes for our relationships to grow. I am so grateful for the calmer, less anxious disposition I see in her this year. I like revisiting these academic subjects and ideas with her – there’s so much to talk about! Being in the Collaborative has brought so much joy to our home; this year has been nothing short of transformational! Arma Dei Parent – Jenn M.