Arma Dei Academy participates in the Rocky Mountain Classical Christian Schools speech meet each year in order to provide a platform for students to develop rhetoric skills from an early age. This opportunity makes use of classical educational pedagogy where students are challenged to develop the skills of memorization, public speaking, and social grace. We hold classroom speech meets for grades 1-7.  Students choose from an official list and memorize and perform their selection before judges. Students may choose from a variety of categories–Bible memory, poetry, dramatic interpretation, or patriotic recitation. Qualifiers are selected from each grade to compete at Augustine Classical School.

Congratulations to our classroom winners:
1st Grade: Clara Gold, Addyson Caceres, Miriam Reedy, Taylor Lietzau
2nd Grade: Soleil Walters, Rowan Morrissey, Marshall Foley
3rd Grade: Abby Brown, Emma Hammett, Fiona Anton
4th Grade: Grace Rainey, Abigail Edwards, Tyler Williams
5th Grade: Cierra Carr, Jaiden Ettiene, Annalise Ault, Lexi Holm
6th Grad: Abigail Thorn, Jordyn Pranno, Kate Hammett
7th Grade: Emma Bowman, Seth Law, Macy Chole

Congratulations to the 1st place winners at Augustine Classical Christian School:
1st Grade: Taylor Lietzau
2nd Grade: Marshall Foley
5th Grade: Cierra Carr
6th Grade: Kate Hammett

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