The Common Core’s narrow, protected control of K–12 educational standards in the U.S. is unprecedented. For the past 100 years, progressive educators sought the holy grail of power in America—universal control of education. John Dewey, Charles Potter, and a host of other progressives made a play for universal educational control and standards in the early twentieth century. Charles Potter’s statement in the 1930s reveals this progressive intent: “What can theistic Sunday School, meeting for an hour once a week, do to stem the tide of a five-day program of humanistic teaching?”

Lawrence Cremin, an historian at Columbia University, says it this way:

If education was to be the principal engine of an intentionally progressive society, then the politics of education would have significance far beyond the control of schools…. It would hold the key to the achievement of the most fundamental political aspirations—in effect, the key to the American Paideia.

The Common Core organization has protected the standards using copyright law so that they may not be altered or edited without permission. One unelected, unchecked organization will soon have the power to enforce standards in K–12 education nationwide. This will inevitably lead to more controversial enforced standards in the future once the standards are embedded in America’s educational fabric. Never before in American education has one organization had so wide an influence and control over standards, federal funding, accreditation, and college entrance testing. They will form the beliefs and attitudes of tomorrow’s leaders, and a nation of citizens.

We believe that neutrality in educational content has proven impossible. In the spring of 2016, we saw the Obama Administration’s willingness to force school districts across the U.S. to broaden non-discrimination requirements, originally meant to apply only to gender, to include LGBT protections. This “force” was applied through billions of dollars in federal grants to state and local educational districts.

The U.S. Constitution impedes direct federal control over what is taught in America’s schools. Architects of the Common Core, using a five-way power play, have circumvented the law and positioned the Common Core as the single controlling force in American education through money, testing, accreditation, and textbook control. We encourage Christian parents to be vigilant. Now, more than ever, parents should think twice before sending their students to public or charter (which are also influenced through the federal earmarked dollars) schools.

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