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When defining paideia (παιδεια), words such as education, training, and culture are often used. Other frequently used phrases are “Christian worldview” or “good character,” but paideia involves much, much more. It shapes what “a person loves, what they enjoy, and how they think and act.” Paideia is the ingredient in our hearts and minds that motivates the choices we make, determines how we see the world, and sustains our culture. Education is about soul formation, not just information. And this formation builds a culture.

At Arma Dei, parents and teachers partner together to raise up children in the paideia of the Lord. The School of Rhetoric will continue this process of cultivating the paideia of students, along with their families, and through them, our communities, city, and nation.

What does an education in the Arma Dei School of Rhetoric have to do with culture? Classical Christian education recognizes that the answer is “everything.”

Paideia “seeks an inner transformation of the student. It cultivates the students’ habits of thought and action in order to view the world with certain foundational truths and thereby align their desires with God’s ideal.”

Arma Dei School of Rhetoric’s objective, then, “is to shape the virtues and reason so that they will be in line with God’s will. In other words, our objective is to cultivate a Christian paideia in students.” While the School of Rhetoric will certainly prepare our graduates for college, the chief end of education is to prepare students to worship and glorify God.

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