Classical Christian education cooperates best as a model with the growing child’s mind.  Ancient, yet contemporarily effective, classical Christian education applies the trivium to organize and graduate a students learning from the simple to the complex.  The trivium is known as the grammar, logic and rhetoric stages.

In the grammar stage, a classical, Christian school teaches the structure, vocabulary, rules and conventions of each branch of learning.  Next the student is ready to connect this knowledge and to reason clearly about it.  This is learned through the study and application of logic across each arena of learning.  Finally, at the rhetoric level, the student becomes confident in the art of persuasion, expressing and clearly communicating possible solutions to the problems confronting the world today.

Each element in the trivium is vital and relies heavily on the other stages to nurture the student toward wisdom.  Rarely is the confluence of all three of these found in modern education. Typically, one road is developed over the others and the result is a underdeveloped student.  A student could memorize the facts but  never learn to evaluate them.  Or, all emphasis is given to the creativity of the student to form her own opinion and judgment without laying the foundation upon which an option is formed.

At Arma Dei Academy, line upon line and precept upon precept are built in the lives of students with the aim of seeing a uniform, organic, whole person develop.  One equipped to love God and neighbor, and compelled toward making a difference in the world around them.

Principal, Robi Marshall


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