by Mrs. Wenger, 5th Grade Teacher

We gather together in celebration as the students of Arma Dei Academy bring life to history. As is typical in Classical Christian schools around the country, Arma Dei students are immersed in a chronological study of History. History is HIS Story  – how God has been at work through all times and civilizations. “His Story” is the organizing backbone whereupon our entire curriculum is built. Students develop an appreciation and understanding of the world around them by first studying the past.

5thThis fall, students in first grade, fifth grade, and the sixth grade have been studying early American History. There is great value in cycling through history at each level or stage of development.  Each concentrates on a different aspect of learning: students begin with familiarity (1st grade) then progress to chronological and logical relationships (5th grade) and finally culminate with the interaction of ideas (6th grade).

Students bring to life paintings depicting our early country. These events and their people are the stuff of legends. Their bravery, grit and sacrifice was fueled by their reliance on Almighty God.  How we give thanks for them!

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