This quarter, the 7th grade class studied the life and works of William Shakespeare. They performed two scenes from one of Shakespeare’s most beloved comedies, “Much Ado About Nothing.”

In the Sicilian town of Messina, the wealthy and kindly Leonato, along with his daughter, Hero, and niece Beatrice, has welcomed a group of soldiers who are returning victorious from a battle. The leader of the group, Don Pedro, the prince of Messina; has betrothed the daughter of his host, Hero, to Claudio, a man from his troop.

In the meantime, the ongoing war of wits between Benedick and Beatrice grows into the second romance of the story. The bright times that appear to lie ahead are overshadowed by the villain Don John, who, through his schemes, slanders the lady Hero wrongfully in the witness of Claudio and the prince. As the wedding approaches, a storm of chaos ensues.

2017 Seventh Grade Shakespeare Festival from Arma Dei Academy on Vimeo.

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