Speech Meet 2018

Each student will compete in one of the following four categories: Dramatic Interpretation, Bible Memory, Poetry, or Patriotic Recitation.
These rounds will take place in the chapel and parents are welcome to attend.

Schedule of class qualifying rounds:

March 1
8:25 – 9:15am 1st Grade
9:20 – 10:10am 2nd Grade
10:25 – 11:15am 6th Grade
11:20am – 12:10pm 7th Grade

March 2
8:25 – 9:15am 3rd Grade
9:20 – 10:10am 5th Grade
10:25 – 11:15am 4th Grade

This year the top finalists from each class will compete in the Rocky Mountain Regional Classical Christian Speech Meet on Wednesday, March 14, at Augustine Classical Academy.

Grades 1 – 4 in the morning

Grades 5 – 7 in the afternoon

Speech Meet Downloads

Please note: The following documents are designed as ideas and suggestions only. Please make sure your child’s piece meets the minimum line requirement for his/her grade level. All pieces are subject to teacher approval.

2017 1st Place Performances

1st Grade

2nd Grade

5th Grade

7th Grade