by Principal Robi Marshall

Twice in the last week, new families, asked me what a classical Christian graduate looks like?  Albeit, our academy educates only through eighth grade with students completing high school elsewhere, it begs a great question. And while just beginning our fifth year at Arma Dei Academy, stories of students I’ve taught in the past, educated at a classical Christian school, abound.

Two weeks ago Kaitlyn graduated with her medical degree and began her residency in Nashville (Vanderbilt University) last Monday and while juggling medical school, aided on more missions trips than was conceivable.  Anna nears completion of law school and Miriam is about done with her PhD program in California, converging Quantum Physics and Theology.

Following graduation from a fine liberal arts college, Jonathan worked three years for National Right to Life and now teaches at a classical school. Myriah, legal counsel for a Texas state university, just had her first child naming her after her mom, who died while Myriah was enrolled at the classical Christian school.

Not all graduates have pursued the same course; Justin is a father of five, married to his classical Christian school sweetheart and a deacon in his church.  Elizabeth, a mom of two, teaches art at the classical Christian school she graduated from, where her love for art was first kindled and then honed.

Perhaps my favorite story is Natalie who graduated salutatorian of her very bright class.   When queried about her college future, she declared that she could major in 100 disciplines because she loved them all! From physics to classical guitar, medieval literature to the calculus, Natalie had applied herself and become a well-rounded student.  After obtaining her degree in Applied Mathematics, she works today for a nonprofit Christian organization.

The classical Christian school graduate is one who has engaged in a lifetime of learning; and is excited about it!  They are fully human or at least well on the way to becoming just that. They understand both the seen and the unseen world and their obligation to both; empathetic to the plight of those around them.   Not fully enamored with the right job, the right car, the right home, their goals seem to focus on helping their neighbor, relishing and replicating the true, beautiful and good, and leaving the world a better place. Arma Dei Academy endeavors to fuel within each student the fire of lifelong learning and a passion for God.

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